Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's Happening

A few days after I wrote this post I was completely floored when hubby told me two little girls from Woody’s school came over to our house... to see Woody! They just showed up. Out of the blue! Hubby said he had the garage door open and the girls walked right up the drive way and started asking him questions. Hubby said Woody ran away to his room to hide (er, I mean went to his room to change his clothes for soccer practice) which left hubby there with the girls. He said they kept going non-stop...

“Are you Woody’s dad?” (yes)
“Does Woody play soccer?” (yes)
“Are you Woody’s coach?” (yes)
“Are you the head coach?” (yes)
“We play soccer at school. Woody is really good, he plays all the positions.” (uh huh...)

Then? They started looking around the garage and trying to see inside the house.

“Who is that?” pointing to a caricature drawing on the wall of Woody’s older brother playing hockey. (That’s Woody’s brother)
“Oh, does he play hockey?” (he used to.)
“Does Woody play hockey?”(no)
“Then whose trophies are those? Are they Woody’s brother’s trophies?” (yes)
“Do you guys have a big back yard?” (yes)
“Woody says you have a big back yard. Do you have a big net in your back yard?” (no)
“Why not?” (because we got rid of it)
“We’d really like to see your back yard. Can we see your back yard.?” (maybe another time when Woody’s mom is here.)

According to hubby, between every question they would look at each other and giggle and one of them would whisper something to the other and then the next question would come. Finally hubby went to go find Woody. He told him to come and take care of his friends and Woody asked him, “What? They’re still here?” (yes)

Sigh, even though I have been through this before (twice) with the older (step) kids it still seems a little sad some how. I know this was innocent and Woody did not encourage these girls to come over (much less invite them), but it is the beginning. It’s how it all starts and there is no turning back time.

And me? I’m left with the haunting echo of two 10-year old girls giggling (in that way) over my baby.


Jodi said...

OH MAN. I am dreading this day. Little girls are soooo forward these days. Very aggressive little things. Poor Woody. Poor Woody's Mom & Dad. OY.

Zephra said...

Oh no. Time for that already? I don't think girls will ever come to my door. For one thing, Kamran is terribly shy. And another is that the neighborhood kids are scared of me.

marsha_tm said...

Oh geez. You're scaring me. My oldest daughter just turned 10, and as of now hates boys, but there are a few in her class that have a crush on her. One of them gave her a rose a couple of weeks ago and she said to him, "Uhmmm. Don't you think this is a little inappropriate?"

I hope this lasts forever.

Bonnie B said...

Crap I just realized my Maggie is going to be "one of those girls." What on earth am I going to do?
I guess I could tell her your soni s a soccer player and send her over to your house-- then you can listen to her:)

Babaloo said...

Ha ha ha! You guys are too funny!

Jodi - thanks for the sympathy!

Zephra- how exactly would one go about making the neighborhood kids scared of them? For future reference only, of course!

Marsha- sounds like your daughter would be a good one to put my son in his place when his head starts to swell from the attention he's getting.

Bonnie B - you can send your daughter over next time I'm mad at hubby... she can chat his ear off and I'll take my son out for ice cream!