Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Freak Out #277

Is there a class that teaches you how to change? Or, to accept change? Or, teaches you to take a random comment that gets you thinking about the future and not to completely freak out about it?

Because, yesterday Woody was practicing with Buzz's soccer team (the coaches like him a lot and always ask him to help out with the younger boys) and the following conversation took place between me and another mom as we were watching the kids play:

Other Mom (OM): "So, is he in 8th grade?"

Me: "Who?"

OM: "Woody."

Me: "Woody?"

OM: "Yeah."

Me: "No, he is in 5th grade. He's only 10!"

OM: (mouth open in embarrassed disbelief) "He's only 10?"

Me: "Well, he'll be 11 next month, why?"

OM: (giggling) "Oh, I thought he was like 13, because my niece saw him the other day and thought he was cute."

Me: "How old is your niece?"

OM: (laughing) "Oh, she is 13, that's why I thought they were the same age."

Me: "Why are you laughing?"

OM: "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about how much I'm going to tease her the next time I see her and tell her the boy she thought was cute is a 5th grader!!!

Me: "Oh. Heh, heh."

And then I got quiet. I wasn't offended or anything. She wasn't out of line or inappropriately laughing at my son. No, I got quiet because I was thinking, 13? How can you (anyone) look at him and think he was 13? And then I looked again. I tried to see him as someone I'd never seen before and imagining someone telling me he was 13. And OMG he could totally be 13! Then? I realized he will be 13... someday. And, oh god, girls will like him.

Then I passed out. And woke up two hours later in the emergency room...No, I'm kidding. But I do freak out over this stuff and I really need to learn to get over it and accept change and accept them growing up and accept that (gulp), Girls. Will. Like. Them. er, someday that is.


Jodi said...

hahaha. That's funny. I freak out too when I realize that my boys will be teenagers before I know it. And they'll probably be THAT boy. You know the rude crude one who makes the girls giggle and the Mom's all roll their eyes. :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will try and fix that link. :)

Nicole said...

Funny story! That is definitely one part of growing up I'm not looking forward to. My little 3-year-old already has crushes on older men (8-years-old). Good thing we're from Jersey or she might put her sights on your son!!

Thanks for the comment at my blog. It was very helpful.

Bonnie B said...

Good post. I can relate-- only it's my husband who does the freakin' out. We have three daughters-- one of which is insanely boy crazy at the too sassy for my sanity age of 7.
She got more loot on Valentines Day than I did my whole high school career-- candy, little stuffed animals, even a candy gram from a secret admirer. It was the candy gram that bothered me the most because the other could be written to friendship. But the cnady gram and the flowers on our doorstep were from a secret admirer.

Some other mother whom I probably pass in the parking lot five days a week gave her son money to buy the items, helped him fill out the card and then drove him over to our house. Somewhere there is a woman laughing her toes off. My husband just stomped into the kitchen an chopped carrots-- loudly.

The Great Sparlini said...

I can totally relate. Just the other day when picking up one of my daughter's dolls, I thought, "soon she isn't going to want to play with these at all" and I about started to cry. I desperately was trying to think of a way I could make her stay 6 forever. Alas, it won't happen. It scares me to death. That was a great post.