Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Geek Like Me

Have you ever met your geeky twin? You know, that one person that has the same obsession (that you don't necessarily advertise to everyone you meet) as you?

I just met my geeky twin about a month and a half ago. Our sons play soccer together. Her husband is one of the coaches. I knew some of the other moms on the team from previous seasons together and she and her husband are best friends with the other coach and his wife. We never spoke much beyond polite conversation and soccer parent logistics (practice time, game schedule, could I bring snacks on x date, blah blah blah).

However, one day Buzz wore his Sharks' jersey to practice. Her husband, Coach L (CL) excitedly asked him "Hey Buzz do you like the Sharks?" And Buzz, who by the way is an expert in all that is Sharks (more so than me) was all "yeah!" The two of them started bantering about the team and talking about different players, recent plays and games. After that CL and CLW (CL's Wife) told me "Buzz sure knows a lot about the Sharks!" I kind of laughed it off (ha ha) and sheepishly told them how we watch the games on t.v. and went to a few games during the season and that, "ha ha, he is a little bit obsessed with the Sharks..." (yes, putting it all on him and deflecting any focus away from myself)

After that, CLW and I would talk occasionally during practices about the Sharks. She told me about going to games last season and I told her about games we went to. I told her about my husband and how he bartends at the club (bar & club area inside HP Pavillion where the team plays). We shared stories about trying to get playoff tickets and other Sharks' related things. One day we talked during almost the whole practice. It was during that conversation that we started getting to our true geeky cores. It began when she admitted to demanding "no interruptions" from her family when the game is on and that she wants her daughter to marry a Shark player. Then, I shared with her how we yell and scream (and scare the neighbors) when we watch the games on tv. This went on and on. Her confessing something and me matching her confession with one of my own. I think it was when I told her how I started keeping a spreadsheet to monitor how many points the team needed in order to make the playoffs that she said to me "I am so glad I am not the only Sharks Geek around here!"

So, while it took a while to draw each other out, now that we are half way through round 2 of the playoffs we wear our "Sharks Geek" label as a badge of honor. Respect the geekiness! Of course it's true that both of my kids are "Sharks Geeks," especially Buzz. The boy is 7 and reads the sports section the day after every game! Woody, goes online almost everyday to or to the Sharks website. They both have Sharks paraphernalia all over their rooms (yes, I helped decorate).

Anyway, I'm just glad there is another busy mom out there who is a geek like me! Who is your geeky twin?

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mommy on the verge said...

My husband would love to marry you. Hello from your Norcal fellow blogger!
Husband is OBSESSED with the Sharks, and now, so is our 6 year old daughter. They have been able to score some tickets too, but have come up empty for the playoffs.
I have TRIED to get into it, but just can't. So, I'm very happy that he and my daughter can share that together. Thanks for stopping by, like your photos too. Will stop by again!