Monday, May 01, 2006

A Jam Packed Weekend

That started with laundry... Lots of it. It never ended. I was still folding socks this morning. But, it got done. I washed and dryed furiously all day Saturday in between grocery shopping and picking up our race packets for Pat's Run (more about this later) and before Woody's 4:30 soccer game, which I yanked him from the post-game talk so I could get home to get ready for my big "GIRLS Night Out."

Well... it wasn't a wild, drunken affair or anything. But, it was a night out for me, which I have to admit, I don't get to do very often. So, when last week Super Engineer Gal (my only female co-worker) invited me to see a play on Saturday, I jumped at the chance. A night out without kids? Heck yes I'll be there!! What a treat! The play was called "The Sisters Rosensweig," which was written by the late Wendy Wasserstein (play bill pictured on the right).

I had a good time and really enjoyed the performance. It was about three sisters and took place in the oldest sister's London flat during a weekend in 1991. The dialogue was humorous and witty and the whole thing just seemed to fly by. Before I knew it I was in my car on my way home. Sigh. Girls night was over.

We got up early the next morning to participate in the First annual (San Jose) Pat's Run that benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation. It started last year in Tempe, Arizona and this year they held it in Tempe(4-15-06) and San Jose (4-30-06), which is where Pat grew up and went to high school. It was a 4.2 mile run/walk around his old neighborhood and ended on the Leland High School Football Field (now appropriately named "Pat Tillman Stadium"). They also had a kids .42 mile run. Everything was "42" because that was the number he wore in high school and in college. He wore number 40 when he played for the Arizona Cardinals. (sidenote: there was a soldier who ran the race in full fatigues, boots and a 42 pound pack, now that? Was impressive)

Woody and I both did the run and Buzz did the kids' run. Hubby came too, he didn't run or walk but hung out with Buzz and got him checked in while Woody and I did our run. Woody finished the race about 2 minutes before I did and I was really proud of him (both of us). It was his first "race" and the longest distance he has ever run at one time before. I was exhausted from being up late the night before, so I think I could have had a better run and not have had to stop just before the 2 mile mark. But I did, which was fine. I walked for about 5 minutes and then was able to run the rest of the way after that. Woody said he had to stop at one point also because he twisted his ankle a bit where the trail/path wasn't even. No matter, we both finished. Here are some pics:

Here is a picture of us by the finish line... And then a close up of the finish line. Oh, and Buzz did great in his race! I started shadowing him (ran behind the kids with some of the parents) but half way through he was going to fast for me, so I just cut over to the finish line to wait for him there! Oh, and SJ Sharky was there too. He seems to always have time to take a bite out of one of my kids wherever we go. And we seem to be running in to him a lot this year!

After the race I treated everyone to Jamba Juice and then we went home. Everyone (except Buzz) fell asleep at scattered locations throughout the house. I fell asleep in the playroom where Buzz indulgently played uninterrupted sessions on his Game Cube. He kept waking me up to watch his replays. I should have gone somewhere else, but I knew everyone was going to end up taking a nap so I went in there with him so he wouldn't be by himself. Apparently the dog was trying to get my attention too, when I woke up he had all his doggy toys (brought from the other room) on the floor next to the couch where I was sleeping. We took him for a long walk later in the afternoon. I spent the rest of the evening folding and putting away laundry. Except for the socks. I always put those off until last (and not because they are my favorite).

What an unbelievably beautiful day! I'm almost forgetting about those weeks and weeks of continual rain. Almost...

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