Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review - Winter Bloom

Winter Bloom
by Tara Heavey

Tara Heavey had a wonderful story to tell and in her first work, Winter Bloom, that story came to life in brilliant fashion. The tale about tragedy, love, loss and redemption all started in the overgrown, neglected walled garden that belongs to the mysterious Mrs Pendergrast. Eva, a recent widow and now single mom to young Liam has set out to start her life over in Dublin. Unknown forces attracted her to the walled garden and she sets out on a mission to rehabilitate the old property. After gaining permission from the rigid Mrs. Pendergrast she puts up a notice at the local grocery store for asking for volunteers. Two people show up. An older, reserved and worldly gentleman, Uri, a tailor by trade who has some gardening expertise and Emily, a young, flighty college student who seems to be carrying a heavy burden. After the three break ground in the garden, Uri's son Seth, a professional gardener and recently divorced with a young daughter (Liam's age) joins the group. The story begins with the garden, but as we venture further into the story we begin to learn more about the history of each character and what paths have led them to intersect with each other at this moment in time. A wonderful story that is delicately and lovingly weaved by the author. The story is as enchanting as the garden itself. It is full of hope, inspiration and a great read for anyone who wants to invest themselves in a great story! ~Peace and Good Reads.

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