Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dear Saturday -

You started out so great. The weather was beautiful everything was going well. Then you took a turn for the worse. I know everything happens for a reason, but I am really tired of that being a consolation to fucked up events. I also know that it isn't what happens or goes wrong that is important, but rather my reaction to it and how I carry myself afterwards. Again, another consolation. Come on, face it. Life is messed up. These things don't happen to make us stronger or someother benevolent reason. No, they happen to fuck us up. To sink us into depression. To make us realize that everything in our lives is out of control. So? Thanks, Saturday, for making me realize how totally out of control Every Damn Thing In My Life Is. I couldn't have dont it with out you.


P.S. Sunday, you were no big improvement. Thanks alot for the turn of events you came up with as well. I'm watching you.

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