Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Okay, well Blogger has invited me to try this new user interface. So let's see how this blurb post goes before I commit, shall we?

2. So, everyday this week a strange phenomenon has occurred in the morning as I'm parking. Each day I have pulled into the parking garage behind the same exact car. It happened Monday. It happened Tuesday. And? It happened yesterday which was doubly strange because she came from a different direction, but still ended up right in front of me as entered the structure. This morning I didn't follow her in the garage, but when I was going to my parking spot she had just pulled into hers and her brake lights were still on as I drove by her.

3. There is a soccer tournament in Merced this weekend which I am dreading. Just the logistics alone. Merced is a little over 2 hours away, but not just any two hours, it's two hours driving over 152 past Highway 5 and past Los Banos. This club who is hosting the tournament and/or the people making the schedules are being little bitches too. The gave us two 8am games, while the host team plays both days at 11:30. Do they have to drive two hours to the field? Seriously? And, they set it up so their group plays the runner up in the semis as opposed to the champions of one of the other groups. I really hope they beat them up. But? Who knows what the state of the team will be which is another reason I am dreading this. Also, if I drive 2 hours down there (Juan wants me to spend the night on Saturday with Alex) and Alex doesn't even play? Dreading. It.

4. We have a meeting today at 12 to get trained on the new Landslide software that the company will be using. Mira will be there and she just informed us yesterday that Sefi will be joining us as well. Yay.

5. Sorry for the boring blurbs this week. I just can't think of anything semi interesting or even semi humorous. Gah!

6. Oh, I know. Jacob finished his "victims awareness" classes down at the juvenile center last night. The classes were assigned by his probation officer (head hung in shame). He got in the car and I asked him if he graduated and he said yes. But then he said he wasn't sure because they gave him a certificate, but the certificate said "Jacob Cruz." So, I asked him if he said something to them and he said that he brought the certificate to them and said, "Um, this kind of isn't my name." Kind of? LOL! Anyway. They told him they would fix it and send it in the mail.

7. Also on the ride home I offered him $10 if he could name the person singing on the radio (we were listening to KFOX classic rock). It was "Born To Run" and his first guess? Was James Durbin. His second guess? Ricky Martin. Um? After that "Back In Black" came on and I offered him $5 if he could name who was singing that song. He got all excited and said that he knew this song. "Jack Black sang this song," he said. "Yes, I'm sure he did, but who is the band that actually sings it? It was Jack Black's favorite band in 'School of Rock.' "Oh, I know this!" He said. He paused for a second and then exclaimed "AC/DC" What? He actually knew that? Wow. Now, I'm out $5.

8. I think the new user interface is good. It has more editing options at the top, the page opens up so you can see the whole post instead of having to scroll up and down to see what you've written. Also, the preview button allows you to see your post in your actual template instead of the generic one they used before. Good job Blogger!


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