Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Let's start off this week's Blurbing with a riddle. What is light green, has a stick-like body, legs like a mosquito and flies? You don't know right? Neither do I! But? I did spot something with this exact description on the corner wall of my bedroom a few nights ago. My husband came home late (he tends bar as a second job) and I was already asleep. I rolled over when he turned on the light and that's when I saw it. "WHAT THE "F" IS THAT?" I said sitting up in bed and pointing. My husband went to get the spray (normally used for hornets, but poison is poison, right?) while I stared at it, willing it not to move. As soon as he came back in the room, the thing swooped down and made a beeline for my closet where it disappeared amongst my clothes. "OMG, it flies!" My husband, being the heroic man that he is, ruffled the clothes until the thing came loose and he sprayed the little sucker until it, well, died. Right there on the floor of my closet.

2. Sometimes I think I don't give my husband enough credit for all the things he does to make my life safe and more efficient. Not only did he save me from that exotic flying bug that wanted to kill me, but he also took apart my broken down dryer that would no longer heat up and well, dry... and fixed it! All this in the same week. I am a lucky, lucky girl. Also, a tip for my fellow laundresses out there. Please clean, not only your lint trap (which should be obvious) but also down, under, beyond where the other lint (that doesn't get trapped) goes and builds into a full grocery bag size clump and may or may not cause the heating coil to, er, burnout and snap.

3. We all know how Mondays, for the most part, suck. It has been well documented and scientifically proven. As if we needed more proof, here is how my Monday morning went. Keep in mind this was before I even set foot inside my office. I woke up at six and started a load of laundry. We missed getting Alex to the bus stop on time (because, ahem, he wasn't ready at 6:31, the time I have deemed as the time we need to leave) so I started driving him to school. We caught up with the bus at another stop and I told him to get out and run before the driver pulled out. He got out and sauntered (which isn't running)... and the bus took off without him. I took him all the way to school and came back home, only to be 10 minutes behind schedule. Woke up Jacob, and got into the shower. Got out of the shower, got dressed (make up, hair...etc.) only to find Jacob sprawled on his bed, not dressed. Apparently all of his pants (he only has four pairs because of all the growing and skateboarding which makes holes and he is not wearing jeans to school with ripped knees) were in the the washer. He had a complete triple "M" (Monday Morning Meltdown).

4. This was followed by Tuesday, which went a little something like this:  I had to make arrangements to leave work early so that I could meet with Jacob's Language Arts teacher at 2:10. I head out at 1:45 and get a text saying that the meeting is just supposed to be between him and his teacher and that parent/teacher conferences are next month. Apparently the paper I signed was allowing him to stay after school... Whatever. I had already taken the rest of the day off so I headed home anyway... only to be stopped in the middle of the street by a motorcycle cop who waived me over to the curb of shame. Groan. A speed trap. That I KNEW WAS THERE.  I see them there all the time. Especially in the morning on my way to work. Every time I see them I think to myself  "one of these days they are going to get you." Well, Tuesday was that day. And? Apparently traffic school is now available online. "Thank you officer."

 5. The last two times I have taken Jacob to hockey evaluations at Sharks Ice I have seen Patrick Marleau there. His oldest (of three) son is starting mini-mites and is there for his evaluations as well. It is so weird to see NHL players and coaches there, just hanging out with the other parents. Last season one of Jacob's teammates was Coach Todd McClellan's youngest son. When ever he was in town he would be at the games or practice and would often go into the locker room and chat with the kids.

6. Alright, one more blurb should be enough to fill out this post. How about a sports wrap? Let's see. The Sharks are 4-0 in preseason. Which means... absolutely nothing. Except, the regular season is now only 10 days away! Bay Area baseball has come to an end as, sadly, the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs a few days ago and the A's a couple of weeks (months?) ago.  Bay Area football, however, seems to be on the upswing. Both the Raiders and the Niners are 2-1! Amazing. Of course, the Raiders look 10 times better than the Niners. Also, the Raiders opposition has been much tougher and the Niners just don't look comfortable out there, on offense anyway. It is enough, however, to keep me interested through the 4th week of the season as opposed to last year when both were 0-3 at this point (The Raiders may have been 1-2).

Adios... Until next week!

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