Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. I have a lot of blurbs I need to get to.. so let's get to it. First up? The Sharks will win the Stanley Cup this year. You probably want to know how I know this and I don't blame you. I know this because there is no way I just happen to run in to half the team and the coaching staff on the opening day of training camp... and not have that be the most amazing sign, ever, that this would be the year. I mean come on. I'm just sitting there waiting for my bagel to be toasted, and they just walk by? In full practice gear? They are going to win and they are going to win it all. You heard it here first.

2. So, apparently I inadvertently discovered how to get my boys up on a Sunday morning before 10am. Would you like to know how?  On second thought I don't think I should divulge that information. Not for free anyway. If you have teenagers and would like a foolproof way to get them up on a weekend, then send me $20 via Paypal and I will email you this important (did I mention foolproof?) information. We are all soldiers in this war with teenagers... but intel is intel and it must be protected.

3. Also, before you spend your money, a word of caution. Grumpy teenagers awake and out of their caves on a peaceful Sunday morning might not be the best thing for your mental tranquility. Also? I think I may have already told the internet how I did it at the end of yesterday's post.

4. My latest battle with the teenagers (that have invaded the bodies of my sweet boys) involves headphones. Why, no How, do they go through headphones faster then they go through socks? They lose them, they break them, they steal them from each other, they leave them at their friend's house, they leave them in their pockets and they get washed in the laundry... it never ends. Then, when they are desperate guess what they do? They want to borrow MY headphones. And that, is not going to happen.

5. Not after the last time, anyway. My last pair of headphones got sucked into the abyss of all the other lost, and mistreated headphones and I found myself without any way to temporarily escape the noise of the teenage body invaders. If I let them borrow my headphones I guarantee I will never see them again.  Just because I could probably afford to go buy another pair of them doesn't mean that I want to nor should I have to... why? Because they can't take care of the ones they had? They can consider this Battle, picked.

6. On Sunday we celebrated Jakey's 13th birthday with an Enchilada extravaganza... or, what we do every year... LOL! This year I did things a little different. I made the leftovers before I made the ones we were going to eat for dinner. Can I get a nice little pat on the back for that? That way, I could actually sit down and eat with everyone else instead of continue to slave over the hot stove while everyone was sitting around the table gorging themselves.

7. I am thankful for today's hot weather because my dryer isn't working and I have a back log of laundry to do... so this morning I did three loads and hung them all up around the garage and boom boom room (where there is no a/c) and they should be nice and toasty for me to put away when I get home. I have never missed an appliance so badly. Come back to me sweet dryer and I promise I will treat you better. *sigh*

8. I found an online writer's workshop that I am contributing to. Every week the Mama Kat (Mama's Losin' It) blog posts writing prompts and writers (bloggers) can choose one (or as many as we want) and write a post on our blog using the prompt. On Thursdays we can link the post to her site and then check out the other contributions as they are linked. It should help me to venture back out there into the blogosphere after being absent and having my posts go unread for so long. Although it has been kind of fun and comforting to be writing to my self and for my own amusement... It will be good for me to get back out there again.

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