Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What I have learned Wednesday

1.       I have learned that the word darkle means to grow dark, gloomy.

Beware of the tremendous force
2.       I have learned that the femur bone, also known as the "thigh" bone, is one of the strongest bones in the human body. For a fracture or break to occur in this particular bone it takes a “tremendous force.” The most common causes for a femur fracture are car accidents or a fall from a height. 

3.       I have learned that, apparently, when kicking into a 50-50 ball against Alex, the force can be “tremendous” enough to break your femur, requiring you to have surgery.

4.       I have learned that I am so very grateful that I live where I live. And not in Merced, Chowchilla or Madera where there are too many bugs, bad smells and unfathomable temperatures.

 5.       I have learned that it is not scary at all to your call your child’s high school to verify the story he told about why he wasn’t in class. Not scary, a little embarrassing maybe, but all in the name of good parenting.

Gladiolus from our house
6.    I have learned that I am just beginning to understand the true meaning of the word "vigilance." 

7.       I have learned that Logan Couture is a terrible pizza delivery guy.

8.       I have learned that the pretty orange flowers that bloom around the house are gladiolus. Why did I not know this before?

9.    I have learned that there are very few barber shops in our community and that not many of them are open on Labor Day.

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