Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Wow, I think we may be cursed. At least when it comes to sports. For the second weekend in a row one of my kids has made it to the finals... only to lose and come in second. We spent the whole day last Saturday over at the Sportsplex for Jacob's Roller Hockey playoffs. They played three games and came up just short in the Final. He was disappointed, but it was a good lesson for him too. For the first time he was part of a winning team and he really enjoyed that part of it.

2. Of course he almost didn't make it to the games at all. It's funny, he had a dream that he was late for his first game and that I told him (in the dream) that he could just make it to the second game. And then? Just as we are about to leave, I lock my (Juan's) keys in our room. Doh! We had to wait for Juan and Alex to get home from Redwood City so they could get us the keys. He missed almost all of the first period of his first game. Sorry Jakey!

3. This was, of course, after we both tried to pick the lock to no avail. I did, at one point, have to stop him from breaking the door handle with a 2 pound (exercise) weight. He probably would have done it if I wouldn't have caught him doing it. What would I possibly have said to Juan if he had succeeded?  Right.

4. Anyway, hockey (ice hockey) starts this weekend with the first of six evaluation sessions on Saturday. Talk about smooth transitions! Roller hockey ends and ice hockey begins. He is excited and his excitement is contagious because I am excited too!. Friday I will bring his skates with me to work and go get them sharpened on my way home. He wore them the other day and all I can say is, thank goodness they still fit! Yes, I was worried (terrified?) that they wouldn't.

5. Also this weekend (squeezed in between two of Alex's soccer games) we will celebrate Jacob's 13th birthday! 13? I know. I will take him shopping for his new skateboard on Saturday and on Sunday he is planning to go to the skate park with his friends during the day and we will have his enchilada dinner that night after Alex and Juan get home. Brooke and Jordan are coming. My brother said he could make it and Sergio said he and Tiffany could make it too! So, there you go. Weekend plans? Check.

6. An amazing thing happened last Sunday. Er, well, technically one happened Sunday and the other on Monday... but, no matter. Are you ready for this? Both (sit down if you must) the Raiders and the 49ers won their season openers! Both are undefeated and tied for first place in their divisions! Both have winning records! I don't know if I'll get to say that again this season... so there you go.

7. Let's see, anything non-sports related to blurb about? Final results for America's Got Talent is on tonight. I really think Landau might win. Hmm.. maybe not. Maybe the Silhouettes. I think it is between those two. It could be team Illuminate but I don't think it will be PopLyfe. So? We'll see. Also, all the fall shows will be starting soon! Dancing with the Stars! The Office! Ellen already started on Monday and I've got them all saved on my DVR. Can't wait.

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Landau won!