Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. The heavy work on the home improvement project is done. We still have some detailing to do like painting the trim, replacing some of the chewed up sections and hanging up the art / decorations on the walls. Oh, and of course my pictures. I am going to start from scratch on designing the hallway picture gallery. That will take some time.

2. I got a raise at work. Which, is funny considering only a few months ago they cut everyone's salary or hours by 10% across the board. I'm not sure what they are up to, besides wanting to pile more work on me, but I'm still sending out resumes and cover letters. Grateful to have a job, but feel there is something better and more worthwhile out there for me. Don't stop believin'.

3. I had a great birthday last week. I took the day off from work and went to the most amazing spa where I treated myself to an hour long massage, a facial treatment followed by the hot tub and steam room. Heavenly. After the spa Juan took me to lunch in Santa Cruz followed by some impromptu wine tasting and shopping in Saratoga. When we got home the entire house had been cleaned and organized from top to bottom by a staff of professionals. After a short nap, I opened the bounty of gifts and got ready to go to dinner. A limo arrived around 6pm that took us up to the city where we had the most spectacular food, wine and view you could possibly imagine. I will never forget this birthday, that's for sure.

4. Probably because it didn't happen. LOL! House cleaned by professionals? Baahahahahahaha! I did have a nice birthday though and I really did take the day off from work. We had raviolis from La Villa... so nothing, I mean NOTHING can match that. Except for maybe the beautiful white roses and lovely jewelry that Juan picked out. I absolutely loved them.

5. Alex finally (after two previous tries) passed his permit test and now has a valid driver's permit! Yikes. Well, I still need to sign him up for behind the wheel lessons, I guess the permit isn't actually valid until the instructor signs it after the first day of instruction. Details. Always getting in the way! But he passed, so that was the important thing.

6. Alex has been going to training at Great America for his job. I guess he is officially an employee now. He sure had to jump through a lot of hoops to get there. Hopefully he gets some hours soon before school starts up again. I am proud of his perseverance with this because he needed to be very proactive to make it happen. I hope this helps him in his learning/maturing/decision making process.

7. Jacob is at his last day of community service today. I hope he has learned his lesson as well. I am grateful that this got him out of the house for awhile this summer and hopefully gave him some perspective on his life and his decision making as well.

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