Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Giving Up The Vino for a Month

Day 1 (8/1): I woke up in the morning apprehensive but certain about doing what needed to be done. I have been drinking every night for, I can't even remember, how long. Let's just say for to long. I've been working out a lot, but not making any progress because of, in part, the drinking. Like a lot of people I am trying to break the cycle of alcoholism in my family. My grandfather and my mother, may they rest in peace, were both alcoholics. I get scared every day that I am headed down the same path. Before I got out of bed I prayed really hard for strength to get through the day and to not give in to weakness when I got home from work in the evening. The day went fine and I came home to my first challenge. I was irritable and when I came home the boys didn't fail to push my buttons. I took Alex to practice and part way there... he realized he didn't have his cleats. I was frustrated because we were already running late and with traffic I was going to be late to my Zumba class. By the time we got to the YMCA there was no parking. I thought I was going to blow a gasket. I almost peeled out of the parking lot, went strait home and opened up my last bottle of La Crema. But, thankfully a spot opened up just in time and I trudged on. After picking up Alex from practice we went home and had dinner. I can't lie. I thought about it. Thought about it a lot. I wanted to have a glass. But I didn't.

Day 2 (8/2): I woke up with the feeling that the combination of not having a glass of wine and going to workout gave me some really positive momentum to head in to day 2. Today would be challenge, however, as I quickly had to remind myself. Tuesday. The day I take Jacob to his roller hockey practice. The day when I don't get a chance to workout. The day where I am at the Sportsplex for over an hour... where there is a bar. A bar with wine. Sigh. I didn't sit at my usual place, opting instead for a table closer to the pro shop. Here I finished reading Water For Elephants (review to come) and managed to beat the temptation to go grab a glass of wine from the bar. I got home and made dinner. I had just started when Juan texted me and asked if I could pick up Alex. Ugh, I almost lost it. I told him I had to make dinner otherwise we wouldn't have anything made. But more importantly I worked through the frustrations and didn't open up that bottle.

Day 3 (8/3): Today was a tough day at work. I almost lost it with Mira. I kept it under control, but sometimes she is just to much and I have to give her another (more reasonable) perspective. Anyway, day 3, I had a little more momentum going, but fortunately not enough to make me over confident. Today's plan was, again, take Alex to practice, go workout and pick him up again afterwards. It went well. He remembered his cleats today, so that was good. I got to the Y just before 6:30. I decided to do the whole arm circuit and then run on the treadmill instead of doing the group cycle class. So, that's what I did. At home I was a bit tense and was really thinking about writing this first blog post. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow in case I had to concentrate on work stuff again for the whole day. Writing down my first three days helped a lot to take my mind off things. Kind of the way a glass of wine would. Hmm.

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