Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Blubbering my way through another blurb. I'm deciding right now, as I wait for them to arrive at work, whether or not I should be mad at my co-workers for making me watch the world's saddest movie ever or thank them for making me watch one of the most amazing stories ever. I'm speaking, of course, about Hachi: A Dog's Story. I'm going to start crying again just thinking about it. *sigh* If you haven't seen (or heard of) this movie, please go see it. You will thank me, or not, later.

2. So how is that no wine for a month thing working out for you, you ask? Not so well. I broke down last Saturday and opened the bottle of La Crema I had. Saturday was day 20. I made it 2/3's of a month. Which? Isn't a month. I know. I don't really care, except for when Alex mentioned something. Which made me realize that he was paying attention and that I not only failed with my goal, but also fumbled a valuable teaching opportunity (and not the good kind of fumble where you get the ball back and make a first down). I'm truly starting to believe that I am really good at failing.

3. Alex is traveling to Seattle this weekend for a game. One game. That he may or may not even play in. That is the state of competitive soccer for Alex these days. He has been (at least at this point) been replaced as the #1 GK. They have a lot of games coming up, so things can always change. But he is going to have to be a big factor in making things change for himself. A lot of important stuff coming up for him in the near future. Time to grow up.

4. I started reading a Nicolas Sparks novel called "Safe Haven." I can't believe I've never read one of his books before. So many of them have become films like Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message In A Bottle. I'll have to start reading his other novels, the ones that haven't been made into movies. I also downloaded "One Day" onto my Kindle, by David Nicholls. I've heard great things about this one too. I love getting into a good, juicy read!

5. I'm still waiting for the proverbial fog to lift so that I can get back into fitness and overall well-being. I may have a few days to go. I see cracks here and there where the sun filters through, but the fog still permeates and refuses to leave. It is a process and I have faith that lift off will happen and I will be ready when it does.


7. Speaking of hockey... was I? I will be signing up Jacob for his season pretty soon. He played roller hockey this summer and had a pretty good time. Mostly because his team hasn't lost a game, but also because he is doing really well. He had a run in the last couple of weeks with a kid who, for whatever reason, wants to give him a hard time and he just gave it right on back to him. Jacob style. Which, as he poignantly pointed out, "isn't Alex style." No sweetie. Not at all. I can't wait for his season to start either.

8. I really need to play Monopoly. I haven't played Monopoly in a really long time. I really miss Park Place and Reading Railroad. Passing Go? Don't even get me started! I'm going to try and play this weekend. Oh wait. I have to wait until the money dries out from the rain. Stupid rain. Ruins everything. Sometimes the best opportunities to play Monopoly happen when it's raining. And then, because of the rain, we can't play. It is all about the timing. And? My timing has been off for a Looooooooooooooooong period of time. Let's get that board out and get to it. I'm the thimble!

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