Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. No wine (or any alcohol) for the month of August, update: I still haven't had anything to drink! The last bottle of La Crema is still where it was on August 1st and I have not had a glass of wine since July 31st. I survived the night at the Improv, I held strong during lunch at BJ's for Brooke's birthday and I have made it through the stressers of everyday life for the last 18 days.

2. I have been on a sort of pity bender, though, for the last couple of weeks. Yeah, these little stretches are getting harder and harder to get out of. Sometimes when I think I'm out and back on the right track I get slammed right back against the cold, hard, cement mental block that is my life, personality and attitude. FML.

3. Brooke's massage and mani/pedi day was fun. We, as previously mentioned, went to lunch at BJ's. I had the flat bread pizza and salad lunch combo. Yum! Omg, the margaritas looked so yummy too. Ugh. We did, however, indulge in the chocolate chip pizookie. Heaven!

4. After lunch we went to the massage place. The massage her friend had recommended was actually an hour long foot massage (40 min. feet and 20 min. shoulder and back), so we opted instead for the 30 minute table massage. Um? Ouch. I'm telling you it hurt. She used elbows and all her strength thrown behind it to grind at my back and shoulders. I had to shake her off a couple of times because I couldn't stand it. There was a moment of euphoria for the few minutes after it was over... but other than that I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon.

5. We went all the way back to my side of town for the mani/pedis. The nail place there is only $20 for a pedicure and $10 for a manicure. Apparently most places charge a whole lot more. We both got the same bluish/teal color for our toes and I got a pink/coral shade for my nubs (can't really call them finger nails). Anyway, fun relaxing day spent with Brooke and Kathy.

6. Back to school this week! Alex started on Tuesday and Jacob started yesterday. Ah, the new school year full of so much hope and promise... until the grades start coming out. Well, we we've got some new rules put in place and if I don't completely drop the ball we should see some improvement this year. Knock on wood.

7. Not much else to blurb about. I've been watching a lot of movies on Funshion. Wow, so many movies I haven't seen! I feel like a little kid when I'm looking up all the movies on there. Last night I watched Super 8. It was pretty good, I guess because I didn't have any expectations? I've also seen The Company Men, Bad Teacher, Hereafter, The Kids Are Alright, The Fighter, Conviction and Barney's Version.

8. Yeah, I need to stop with the movies and get back to the gym. Just waiting for the fog to lift. *sigh*

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