Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Howdy Y'all - welcome to the Thursday Blurbs. Let's see, what is going on around here that would possibly spark any interest. Hmmm... Yeah. It has been kind of slow. Fact: if Thursday Blurbs starts out with "Howdy Y'all?" Run for the hills. I'm serious. There can be nothing noteworthy here. Look at little man over here at the right. His troubles are kind of symbolic to my last few weeks... poor fella.

2. Still reading huh? Well, okay. I did make a pretty cool discovery recently, thanks to my coworkers Jennifer and Victoria. It is a Chinese website called Funshion. It is a site where you can download and watch movies for free. Big blockbuster movies. You can find almost any movie on there. Yes, the website is in Chinese, but you can search for movies in English and it gets translated. The movies (American movies) are all in English, but they do have Chinese subtitles. Most are really good quality, some even in HD, and are rated by users. I'm told that once in a while you get a stinker (quality wise, i.e. it is a recorded from a movie theater) but for the most part they are pretty good... and free. So, don't forget that.

3. In the last couple of days I have watched Water For Elephants, Source Code, Lincoln Lawyer and Tangled. Cool, right? Not as cool as when I hook up the video wire that I ordered from Amazon that will connect the lap top to the TV and we can watch the movies in HD and on the flat screen. Can't wait. Who needs Netflix?

4. Tomorrow Brooke has set us up to go get massages. Hour long massages (I am melting into my chair just thinking about it) followed by mani/pedis. Girls Day! Her birthday is Saturday and we have been talking about doing something like this for years, ever since we met. Since our birthdays are so close together we have always schemed to do something like this... and now we are doing it. Whoohoo! We also always talked about bringing cocktails to the soccer games... and three weeks ago she made that happen too. I think we are on a roll.

5. School starts next week. On Monday Jacob has a doctor's appointment in the morning for a physical and his TDAP immunization shot. Followed shortly by a dentist appointment for both of them. Heh, heh. Fun day for them. I guess we can do something a little fun after that. Maybe a movie or go out to lunch. Alex starts school on Tuesday and Jacob starts on Wednesday.

6. Just booked a ticket for Alex to fly to Seattle for a Far West Regional League game against a team from Washington. I hope he plays. It is going to be close to $500 for just one game. I e-mailed Julie and Kevin... it would be so cool if they could come out to the game. If he plays that is. If they do that means he will get to meet Ellie before me. *Jealous*

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