Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ugly and the Even Uglier

Part 3

So, the police officer told us that they were calling in some other officers and they had to wait for a "tool" as well. After that they would give the people inside one more chance to open the door before breaking it down. By this time several neighbors had wandered out and were wondering what was going on. Soon more police cars arrived. Then more. Then even more. At last count there were 12 police cars lined up on our street.

When they all finally arrived they gathered out on the sidewalk in front of Raul's house (on the corner, across the street from us). When they were ready to go, they all walked together down the street to approach the house. I told the boys to be prepared. "They might not find him in there," I said. "Or worse, they could have done something to him."

They had a pit bull, I had to assume the worst.

We couldn't see the rescue brigade officers actually break down the door since we were told to stay at our end of the street, but Alex was a little closer and he said he heard them go in. We waited for at least 10 minutes until finally two of the officers came out of the house, carrying Nico.
They started walking toward us. I wanted to run, but I didn't. I walked toward them and took Nico out of their arms... "Is this your dog?" one of them asked. "Yes, yes, thank you." I replied before I began kissing Nico and inspecting him for damage.

They took a picture of Nico and I gave them more information for their report before putting Nico safely in the house and feeding him his dinner.

"Let's go to the game," Alex said. "Yes, let's go." I said in agreement. I couldn't wait to get inside that bar and get a well deserved margarita. We took off for HP Pavilion to hopefully catch the end of the Sharks game. They were already winning 2-1.

The Even Uglier...

We got to the game during the second intermission. We were in our seats with 2-3 minutes to go before the start of the third period. As we settled in a few people sitting around us asked if we were sure that we were in the right seats because there had been people sitting in our seats before we arrived. I pulled out our tickets and showed them and they said, "okay good, because the people that were sitting there were cussing a lot and being very loud."

Oh boy.

The third period started and a few minutes into it Logan Couture scored and made it 3-1 Sharks! We were cheering and high-fiving and for a minute, the events of the last couple of hours had melted away. *Sigh* For the second time that day I should have quit and called it a day. Just packed it in, gone home and retired with a nice glass of wine. But, sadly, again I did not.

A few minutes later a couple came into our row and sat in the two empty seats next to Alex. "Hey bro, you guys are in the wrong seats, my brother is sitting there," The (jackass) guy said to Alex. I handed Alex our tickets so he could show them that we were in the right seats in the hopes of clearing up the situation amicably. He (jackass) just shrugged and said "Well my brother is coming and you are going to have to move." Really? What an ass. Right about that time Detroit scored and made the score 3-2. Ugh! And of course, right during that stoppage came jackass 2 with his girlfriend who came right into the row even though there were NO empty seats for them to sit in. Anywhere. In a sold out, crowded arena. Now let's just stop right here.
Because? What do you do when you are at an event and you return to your seats to find someone in them? Well the proper thing to do is to get an usher to help you out. The usher can look at the at the tickets and sort out where everyone should be seated.
Anyway, Jackass 2 strides right over to Jackass 1 and tells Alex "You better go sit on someone's lap because you are sitting in my seat." Alex looks at me and I, again, hand him the tickets to show the guy that we are where we are supposed to be. Jackass 2 didn't seem to care to much and didn't want to deal with it. His girlfriend pulled out her tickets and began looking at them. Meanwhile, Alex got out of his seat and was crouching on the floor next to Jacob while the guy sat in his seat and the girlfriend was trying to sit on his lap. People started to get mad because they couldn't see from behind. "Oh crap," I thought. "Here we go." At the next stoppage I got up to go get an usher. I told the kids to scoot over and take my seat. I went down to explain to the usher what was going on and she said she'd help me at the next stoppage in play. The next stoppage was when Detroit scored goal #3 to tie up the game. Nooo!

To be continued...

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