Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Roundup

The Good, The Bad and The "Oh no. Not again"

Well, once again the weekend starts out good, followed by some rest and relaxation and then came to a painful, eye opening, grinding halt of pain, anguish and heartbreak. *sigh* Yes, I'm talking about the Sharks.

I left work on Friday not really having any hope for the Sharks. They looked thoroughly out-played and out-coached by the Vancouver Canucks. The magic was gone. The reality had set in. But, being a loyal fan I trooped home to watch the game. On the way to the parking garage I heard some loud noises and "whoo-hooing" going on from a crowd over at the Old Wagon Wheel Saloon. I glimpsed over and wouldn't you know it, the place was infested with blue Vancouver Canuck jerseys. Then as I was driving down Market to turn left on Santa Clara, they were coming from everywhere. Like little blue bugs. That, was not a good sign.
I went home and decided to go workout before the game. I really needed to burn off some frustration, as well as the huge sandwich I ate for lunch. I came home just in time for the game and we watched the Sharks show some life and win the game 4-3. Unfortunately, that would be as far as they got.
Saturday was good. I went on a bike ride up Mt. Pleasant Road and did a whole bunch of clean up in the front yard. I did some laundry, did some driving lessons with Alex and went grocery shopping. I also heard from Byron. He is going to help Alex get a job at Great America once he turns 16. All he has to do is call him and the job is his! What a nice guy. I hope I can return the favor some day.
Sunday, I got up early before Juan left and got his shirts ready for him. After he left I finished folding ALL the laundry and put everything away. Before the game I swept and mopped the floors and cleaned up the kitchen. Ugh. Then, the game. I could tell from the start they didn't have any sense of urgency. They were slow and couldn't convert on any of the 5 power plays that the Canucks gave them. That is always a bad sign. They ended up losing 4-2. Now back to Vancouver down 3-1. Not good. Not good at all. Now every game is an elimination game. I hate this part of the playoffs. The part where I have to admit defeat. Have to accept that, once again, this isn't their year. That all the haters were right. Sharks choke again. I HATE IT! HATE IT. HATE EVERYONE. HATE EVERYTHING. Why? Why can't they just do what they are destined to do? Why do we have to go through this? Why, when this is the only positive thing in my life right now that makes me happy? That I can look forward to? Why?

On another note. Juan had a suspicious prescription he asked me to pick up for him. I researched it online and I do not like what I read. I hate my life right now. Seriously. Hate. My. Fucking. Life.
I seriously woke up this morning and had to tell myself to live each moment hour to hour. Plan the next our of my life only. Let go. Let God. Focus on what is right in front of me. Because if I look around I will get dizzy, lose my balance and fall into the abyss.

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