Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1) I have basically poured out my entire heart and soul on here the past couple of days. I think I may be blurbed out. No? Well, okay then...

2) I am about to head into the truancy hearing with Alex at 11:00. The attendance lady at Mt. Pleasant told me that it is a minimum fine of $400. It should be so much fun having to explain all those unexcused absences he has and how I did nothing about it. Excellent parenting. Just excellent.

3) There haven't been many positive things to write about lately but I am going to try. Yesterday I got a phone call from Alex's English teacher. She talked to me about ways he could bring up his grade and she can in no way know how much I appreciated that phone call from her.

4) Also, Alex brought home a paper yesterday for a summer school program at Mt. Pleasant. He will be able to recover 10 credits if he passes both of the classes. This means he won't have to take a college class at Evergreen or one of the other community colleges. I am not sure how it happened because the summer programs have been axed out of the budget, but the paper said it received some type of grant to make this possible.

5) My job now will to be diligent with him and make sure he attends every class and completes every assignment. There are two sessions and he will only be able to attend the second. The first one is in late June when he will be in Boise. The second one starts after the July 4th holiday.

6) We received the official test results in the mail for Alex's CAHSEE scores. He passed both tests which are requirements in the state of California in order for high school students to graduate. This only proves my point that he can do this (thrive in school), he just chooses not to.

7) I still don't know what to do about Jacob. He needs to face consequences for what he and his friends did. Otherwise he is going to slip into the same pattern as Alex and think he can get away with things like this. With all that is going on I am praying for some guidance and meditating on what path I need to take with these boys. Because right now, Juan and I are at a loss.

8) Well, the fat lady is warming up and is about to sing tonight for either the Sharks or the Red Wings. Game 7. Do or Die. The Sharks find themselves in game 7 after winning the first three games of the series. Unbelievable reversal of fortunes for these teams. I am going to feel so awful for this team, for this city and for those players if they don't win this game. The media storm alone will consume them. Consume us. Consume me.

9) I know there is a message here somewhere. I have been so consumed with my inner and outer turmoil these last few weeks that I can't think strait. I decided this morning (after several deep breaths) to let go and let God. It is in His hands now. This situation is completely out of my control and stressing out about it will benefit no one.

10) I have gone with optimism and will make the bold statement: I BELIEVE.

11) This is also my Facebook Status

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