Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday Blurbs - It's All About The Sharks

Sharks. "All they do is Win Win Win no matter what, and when they step up in the building everybody hands go up... and they stay there..."

1) Sharks win in OVERTIME, again, to take a 3 -0 lead on the Detroit Red Wings, again, in an eerie, de-ja-vu like manner... again. I couldn't believe my eyes. I still can't trust what I saw, 15 hours later. Did that just happen?

2) According to all the sports news and blogs, yes, it happened and much to the astonishment of just about everybody.

3) This says it all. From Pierre LeBrun of
"On a night the Washington Capitals further cemented their reputation as playoff posers, the Sharks continued to shed theirs. A year after reaching the Western Conference finals and losing to a Chicago team nobody was going to beat, the Sharks two years in a row have gone up 3-0 over the mighty Red Wings."
4) To be clear, the Washington Capitals (#1 seed in the Eastern Conference) got swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

5) Dan Boyle ties the game in third, with about 4 minutes left to play on this shot:

6) Setoguchi! Or as the guys on the radio said this morning, "Isn't that something that we ate at the dinner last night? Please pass the Setoguchi." "Naw, I thought they were talking about my luggage (Set of Gucci)." ANYWAY... the Tweetering Seto not only had a playoff hat trick last night, but got his third goal of the game to win it in overtime. Be still my heart.

7) Game 4 on Friday. Now, let's hope the Sharks can finish out the series then... and NOT repeat history AGAIN with a blowout loss. But then again... Mother's Day, Game 5? I'd rather not... but ask me again on Saturday when we know for sure.

8) Both boys wearing Sharks jerseys to school to day. Alex didn't even care that they were dressed the same... lol! Go Sharks!

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