Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. Is it Thursday already? I am trying hard to forget that it is. The wound is still fresh.

2. Today should be a completely different day from the day that it actually is. But, because of that flukey, anti-climatic "whatever" double-overtime goal on Tuesday... it is not. Instead it is the day that it is, which is, not the day that it was supposed to be. At all.

3. Yesterday was Alex's last day of school. I just pray that he was able to get all his grades up and get passing grades. He seemed confident, but we have been down this road before. It also doesn't help that he was "absent from one or more classes" according to the school administration's recorded message. I hope for his sake he doesn't get a bill from the school district or district attorney's office for being truant.

4. Alex's team will start going hard on the training for Regionals. They leave on June 17th for Idaho. I hope he has learned from his mistakes in the past and goes into this trip with a clear head and with the correct sense of right and wrong.

5. As soon as he gets back it will be his birthday, a job interview at Great America and summer school. Somewhere in there we will need to go down to the DMV to get his permit. A lot of changes for this kid all happening at the same time. I hope he is ready to handle it.

6. Two more weeks until Julie's baby shower! Can't wait. I will be a little rushed, but I always feel so great after seeing my family. It should be wonderful. For the mind. For the soul.

7. I have been at my job for almost a year. It was my goal, hope and desire to be out of there before then. I need to get out of there. It is wearing on my heart. I know it is up to me and that I need to put myself out there or nothing is going to happen for me. I have to get out of this current spiral that I find myself in. Or is it the hole in the sidewalk that I keep falling in?

8. The end of Dancing with the Stars. The end of American Idol. The end of the Sharks. All within a 24 hour period. FML. What is there to look forward to? Nowhere to escape... hahahahaha!

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