Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Poem

written by Jacob Castillo, age 12

Dear Mother,
You're the best mom ever
I'd never choose another
Even though you gave birth
To an annoying older brother

You were the one cleaned my doo doo
You kissed my boo boo
Mommy, I love you

You're the one that woke me up at 6:37
Just to take me to a hockey lesson
You taught me how to tie my skates
Even though I was a little late

Even when we lost in the worst way
You still told me "great game."
After I felt no defeat
I sprayed this poem w/ body spray so it would smell sweet (he did)

You've taken us places near and far
In Clifford, the big red car
I love you Mommy
Happy Mother's Day!

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