Friday, May 13, 2011

Game 7 And How I Survived

Sharks won 3-2 and live to play another day. While I am left to check my composure, heart rate and mental stability.

Dan Boyle - Thank you for doing what I was asking the entire team to do: Just keep hitting, just keep hitting...

First of all? Let me just throw the word "epic" out there to marinate in your thoughts today. The Sharks go up 3-0 in the series. Then lose three strait to make the series even at 3-3. I'm not sure what I am more happy about today; what the Sharks did or what the Sharks didn't do. They didn't become the 4th team in the history of the NHL to lose a playoff series in seven games after winning the first three. They didn't choke and more admirably they didn't choke in front of the whole hockey world watching or while the media's giddy little fingers were itching (mouths salivating) to write all the choking analogies, cliches and story lines until they got their fill. No, there was no "Sharks choke again" buffet line. Thank the Hockey Gods for that. I have never been more grateful to Them. We are the only team in the final four that was there last year. So suck on that Doubters and Haters. You know who you are. And? By the way...

Patrick Marleau's game series winning goal was not gutless and not without heart. Neither was his staunch defense throughout the game. So suck on that JR. All the Marleau haters need to just stop. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him. Maybe he shines more in the regular season, but don't we need the regular season to make it to the post season? It is his style to play the way that he plays. I suspect he might even have a nagging injury, but it isn't to his heart. He has had my heart as a fan ever since he came into the league at 18 years old. His integrity and character speak volumes. I will always be a fan and I will never question his will to win. Never.
Off the soapbox. Last night was amazing. I still can't believe it. The headline leads you to believe that I will explain how I survived, but the truth is. I'm not sure that I did. Did you see the expression on Nemo's face after that last save off of Datsuk? When he took off his helmet and it looked like all the ugly possibilities of "what might have been" had he not swiped that shot out of the air flooded his brain? Then he sort of exhaled and his lips said "Fuuuuck." Yeah. That's how I survived. And even then, just barely. I'm afraid if I blink it might not be real. I love this quote from San Jose Mercury's Mark Purdy:
" ...but the Red Wings kept coming. In fact, even as they were going through the post-series handshake line at center ice, you were wondering if they might still come back and tie the game and send it into overtime."
I am so proud of these Sharks. On to Vancouver for the Conference Finals. Let's go get 'em. We're half way there (insert Bon Jovi music here... oooh oooh, livin' on a prayer).

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