Monday, May 02, 2011

The Good , The Bad and the Ugly: Weekend Wrap-up

The Good:
1) Bin Laden is dead. Historic moment / date in American history. Almost ten years after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 that son of a bitch is finally in hell. They buried is ass at sea, very fitting. Let his flesh be fish food before he rots in Hell. I hope his followers were observant in the fact that their "leader" was living in the lap of luxury with parts (his "youngest wife" and adult son) of his family in a million dollar compound in a summer resort area of Pakistan. He wasn't in a cave spreading the word. He was having croissants on the East Lawn. Interesting story how they tracked down his courier who lived in the house with his brother and their two families. The house had an excess of security, no internet or phone connection and they burned their garbage (instead of having it picked up like the other neighbors did). The brothers had no visible means of wealth... so it all added up that a high profile terrorist was being housed there. I don't know what the future holds, but today I do feel a lot safer.

2) Royal Wedding - Prince William and Kate Middleton wed on Friday 4/29/11. Lots of hoopla... lots of photos. I watched some of it on Friday via CNN.

3) Sharks! - The Sharks are up 2-0 in their series vs. Detroit. They won yesterday in regulation (Thank you for that) 2-1. Interesting game. They actually got the lead, defended the lead and held onto the lead for the win. I'm not sure why I am more comfortable when they are behind. Seems like they are more confident coming from behind. But this time the defense held and I can't ask for anything more. Well, except for whiny wing fans (which I am wholeheartedly trying to ignore) to shut up and accept their shortcomings. Game 3 is Wednesday, which gives me today and tomorrow to stay away from all nhl news and comments. The other series stand as follows: Tampa Bay up 2-0 vs. Washington Capitals (both are home losses for Caps). Vancouver and Nashville are tied up 1-1 with the series moving to Nashville for game 3. And, Boston takes the first game vs. Philadelphia, lead the series 1-0. Tough for the home teams so far in round 2... well except for Sharks... Go Sharks!

The Bad
Interesting meeting with Alex's soccer coach. Alex is in big trouble. And now is in danger of losing his place on the team. Juan and I are perplexed. We honestly don't know what to do. I am hurting so bad for this kid. I need a way to reach him. I'm failing him and can't find the way to catch him. Or do I let him fall? My heart is breaking. I am at a loss.

The Ugly
As if we weren't already reeling from the meeting with Sergio and Adam and thought that was the bottom, the absolute worst of it, we get a notice in the mail that we are being summoned by the district attorney's office for a truancy hearing. 30 + absences from school. This days after receiving another letter from his school saying that he will not graduate and is recommended for continuation school. I think I mentioned something about a perfect storm brewing a few days ago. Well, it is here. Lord help me. Help my family. Help my child. Help me to find the way. Please.

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