Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharks in 6

Not a prediction... an actual fact... based in reality!

Joe Thornton wins it in overtime! Be still my beating heart. Amazing game, amazing up and down series and it is so fitting that Jumbo gets the game winner. Watch his goal and sliding celebration here.

The Shot
The Reaction
The Slide
The Celebration

I am so happy for them right now. That was the perfect way for them to end a hard fought battle. L.A. brought it. In waves. The Sharks swallowed some salty water and faltered a bit, but never wavered. Never put their heads down and gave up. Never cried, never whined. I wish I could say the same for the King's coach Terry Murray, who didn't even stand with his team on the ice and shake hands with his opponents. Stay classy Terry Murray. Stay classy.

So, now we wait. Round 2 will start later in the week against either Detroit, who swept their series with Phoenix and has been off for the last week or Chicago, if they win their game 7 tonight in Vancouver after being down in the series 0-3.

Oh, and? I could go for a 13 game winning streak right about now.

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