Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1) Jacob is home sick today. He felt a little warm and complained that his head "felt fuzzy." I'm assuming another one has been knocked down by the flu. Alex was sick yesterday and the day before. He had a nasty sore throat and I even took him to urgent care to get him tested for strep. Came back negative, fortunately, but still wiped him out for 2+ days. Juan was not feeling well last night... but got up and went to work... so? Not really sure how he is doing.

2) I get the feeling I am pushing my luck here and assume I will get hit with this strain of "whatever name this nastiness has." I haven't been sick all year. The guys have all been sick multiple times. Germs have flying around the office in free-for-all mode for months. Somehow I have been immune to it all. Not sure why. I always get sick. ALWAYS. My days are definitely numbered. I won't keep this up forever.

3) I've been enjoying American Idol this year. So many good contestants. I think I am really going for James and Casey. I like all the others (top 9 at this point) so it is going to start getting really dramatic as they start narrowing them down. I even voted last week. Me! LOL! I never thought I would... but I had to vote for Casey after he almost got voted off the week before. Couldn't believe it.

4) Steve Carell is leaving The Office. I've known for awhile, but it is really starting to sink in now that there is only two episodes left that will have his character on it. *Sigh*

5) Driving to Sacramento this weekend. Alex's team has a State Cup quarter-final match on Saturday at 10am at Cherry Island. If they win that they advance to the semi-final match the next day at 2pm. His coach says if they win on Saturday he wants them to stay in town that night. I think if they win their first game that I will probably stay too. One night in a hotel = the cost of gas to drive home and drive back again the next day. Sad, but true.

6) I will have to plan out the food situation, however, and bring some vegan stuff for me. I have been doing the 21 day cleanse again and am in my second week. It seems to be going well. Alcohol has been the hardest thing. I got so used to having wine every night. I have already slipped twice in the first 10 days. I had some on Saturday while we were at Alex's marathon hockey playoffs and again Tuesday at Jacob's hockey game. No willpower. I have to get better though. I need to know (for my own sanity and peace of mind) that I can go without alcohol for prolonged periods of time.

7) I applied for another job. I saw it on Craigslist. It is staff accountant position with SVSE. I think their offices are at HP Pavilion. I told Juan about it and it turns out he knows one of the executives. He comes to most of the Sharks games and is one of their regulars. He told Juan to have me send my resume directly to him. Nothing has come of it yet, but maybe. Just maybe. *crossing fingers*

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