Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1) "It's Thurs-day, Thurs-day, Thurs-day" (sung to the tune of Rebecca Black's "Friday" - for future reference of course... in case I come back and read this at some point and wonder what the heck this is supposed to even mean).

2) Jacob had his last hockey game of the season last night. They lost 2-1, but he scored a goal and they almost (so close) came back to tie it in the last 2 minutes. He wants to try out for the travel (Jr. Sharks) team this summer, but he has a lot of work to do. I have encouraged him to start a fitness/conditioning program to help him with his strength and endurance. It is hard to get him to understand the concept. He thinks it is just enough to practice his hockey skills (shooting, stick handling, etc.). I'm trying to get him to understand he needs to do things away from the ice to help him improve as well. Especially since ice-time is expensive and not conducive to our work schedule. I wish I could afford to send him to a skills camp this summer. *sigh*

3) I haven't heard anything about the job with SVSE yet. I'm trying not to think about it or get discouraged, but it gets harder with each day that passes. As of Saturday they hadn't filled the positions... but it is Thursday now and maybe by now they have. Terri (accounting manager I interviewed with) said she would contact me either way... so I am half-way expecting a rejection e-mail any day.

4) Sharks play game 4 in L.A. tonight. Hope they bring it. Really bring it. From beginning to end. Can't worry about it... out of my hands. I have to sit, wait and hope for the best. I believe. I believe. Thank you again Julie B!

5) The (Dallas Cup) Tigres (sin Alex) have advanced out of their bracket into the Quarter Finals to be played tomorrow. Not sure if I should be happy for them or not. I guess I am. Sporting did not advance. Sorry for Edgardo. Maybe he should have come to Tigres.

6) I really blew it last night with the diet. Not only did I have wine at Stanley's before Jacob's game, but also curly fries... which technically are vegan, but also fattening and should be avoided. But then, at home... ugh... I ate garlic bread. Three pieces. And that was my dinner. I feel like complete crap this morning. I have plans to go to the gym tonight. Redemption! Don't get to down and don't get to high, right? Correct my mistakes, not let them dictate who I am and what I can accomplish. Get back on the horse. Focus on the finish line.

7) American Idol - have to get this in today. Wasn't thrilled with Scotty's or Lauren's performances last night. Not sure if it will affect the voting, but they weren't as sharp as they normally are. I thought Casey, James and Haley (yes Haley) rocked the show. I really thought Haley was good. For the first time it was if she wasn't "kareoke-ing" it. She owned that song. It was cool. Jacob was alright. I love the song he sang (Luther's "Dance with my Father"). He got choked up at the beginning but was able to recover and pull it off. Stephano? Well, I think he is getting better. He did a good job.. and probably gets a lot votes based on his good looks. He might stick around a little while longer. Results tonight!

8) For karma sake and to show good will, gratitude and grace... Go Lakers!

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