Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1) Thursday again? Already? Damn.

2) It feels like the stage is setting for a perfect storm in the Castillo family. The helpless, gnawing feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach confirms it. God save us all.

3) The second round playoff schedule has been set. I think it starts tonight with Vancouver vs. Nashville. Vancouver won their game 7 against Chicago in overtime. So much drama in the first round. The other match-ups will be Tampa Bay vs. Capitals (starts Friday) and Philadelphia vs. Boston (starts Saturday). Oh! And of course the Sharks vs. Detroit. That starts tomorrow as well. I Don't have a good feeling about this series. And that isn't the usual "doom and gloom but then everything is okay" feeling. No, this is more like the feeling when we got swept by Chicago last year. *sigh*

4) It has been two weeks since the interview and still no word from SVSE. I think it is time to move on from this one. Doesn't look like anything is going to happen there. Ugh. I have to find another job. I have to. See yesterday's post for a deeper more profound explanation.

5) I'm still holding strong with the vegan diet. However, I need to focus on more exercising and less drinking. It is going to be tough, because Lord knows I need to throw one (or two) back when I get home. Sad, but also true. Facing the truth will set me free. Here is to hoping anyway.

6) Well. My heart is breaking today. I've looked within. I've looked outward. I just don't understand. My thought process thus far is that he will have to attend continuation school. Get his HS Diploma and then consider enlisting in the armed forces. He has closed every available door to him in his young life with his choices. I want to cry for him, and I know I will eventually. But right now the tears are stuck somewhere unreachable and I am left only with the slow, dull ache that is my heart suffering in its quiet and lonely pain.

7) Juan and I were talking about going hiking this weekend. I really hope we make that happen. I need some quiet time with my husband. He is the only one who can understand what I am feeling right now. I think the solidarity between him and I would do us both some good right now.

8) Royal Wedding is tomorrow. Well, actually Saturday at 2:00 am! Maybe I'll stay up to watch it. I need some distractions right about now. Also? I still remember the last one.

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