Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worst Case Scenario

Or, as will be referred to from now on, WCS.

I have found myself in a lot of stressful situations lately. And the way I have been mentally preparing myself to face these situations is to imagine the WCS. I figure this way I am prepared to face the worst possible outcome instead of having high hopes for the best possible results only to be crushed when something less than desirable happens.

Maybe it sounds negative. Maybe it sounds like I'm expecting the worse and then running the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. Well guess what? It is my mental stability that is on the line here... so I'm going to do what I need to do.

For example, Alex's soccer. He has been going through some difficulties with his team lately. He has been injured and their seems to be a disconnect between him and his coach. Basically it seems his coach has lost confidence in him. Anyway, they have been competing in State Cup Play and were almost eliminated in group play. They made it out of group play into the quarter finals. My whole mantra or conversation in my head was that the were going to lose and that it was going to be Alex's fault. This way I would be prepared for the fallout. I had to be, it can be that bad.

Also right now is the beginning of the Sharks playoffs, again. Every year I get so excited and so full of hope and confidence... only to be crushed and devastated when they don't pull it out. This year I am recalling every time when they got to the playoffs and didn't put in the effort. I am imagining the WCS. That they lose in the first round, everyone gets fired and Anaheim wins the Stanley Cup. It could happen. If it does, I will be ready.

I went for a job interview today. Job of a lifetime. Dream job even. WCS? I announce to everyone about the interview and how hopeful I am, get lots of well-wishes and then in the end... don't get an offer. I don't get the job, I'm stuck at my current job making pennies, have to explain to all the well-wishers that it didn't work out... and well. Yeah. That.

So, to summarize. I won't get the job. I'll be stuck at my current job for a prolonged amount of time not knowing how to spruce up my resume, interview skills, explanation for gap in employment history or references. The soccer team will lose in the finals and it will somehow be because of a mistake that Alex made or a ball he should have saved. The Sharks will come out listless and lose in the first round. The Ducks will be Stanley Cup champions.

Worst Cast Scenario. Even if it causes me to throw-up a little in my mouth just thinking about it... It could happen.

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