Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Someone on Twitter started the #Marleautweets hash tag. Hilarious! As one contributor explains them (after being asked what they were about), they are "a celebration of Marleau's awkwardness."


I just got tickets to the computer museum in Mountain View! Win!

Planning a team fire drill for everyone at the hotel tonight.

Just tried out my new swim trunks in the shower! They’re lookin’ pretty good!

Do they make argyle pants?

Went on an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard today. Found more eggs than both of my kids combined!

Wow this pre-game skate music is loud.

OMG! Diet Dr. Pepper really does taste like Original Dr. Pepper!

Why hasn’t anyone RSVP’d my Royal Wedding Viewing party… omelet bar!

Why do they call it the Jumbo tron? I like the Patty Tron.

I lost my tape measure… now I don’t know if my carry on is too big!

Goals are great, but I prefer assists. Mom always said I was a great helper.

When the fans do the wave… I just… I just wish I could jump right in the stands and join them.

Night out with the boys!! Who’s got the O’Doul’s?

Does anyone know here I can buy a hockey stick in the Bay Area? It’s kind of important.

Never mind, I guess the Sharks will buy me sticks if I ask. NOW they tell me.

Getting pumped up for Game 5! Listening to the Fray on my iPhone while doing pilates!

Just took an elevator ride and jumped while it was moving. It was crazy!

I told everybody on the team that my wife baked cookies for them after the game… but it was really me.

Who else wants to camp out to get good Glee Live tickets?

Almost time for shorts weather! Anyone else psyched?

Going to try to get the guys to call him Jonathan Slow! HAHA! BURN!

No Lady Byng nomination again this year. Damn. I’m going to go kick a stuffed animal.

My “Marleau 12” t-shirt shrunk in the wash. FML.

Hey I know of this sweet LaserTag tournament after the season is over. You guys want in?

Worst part of playing in LA was that we didn’t have time to to to Legoland.

Inn & Out guy tjust told me about some food not on the menu… sorry can’t share. It’s a secret.

I’m going camping tonight. Setting up the tent in the back yard now!

Just brushed my teeth with a new toothpaste!

Heading to Starbucks to get a Trenti Iced Passion Tea Latte

Stocking up on cashmere turtlenecks at JCrew

Can I wear socks with these sandals?

Aghh! My playoff beard is in the itchy stage.

Hey Seto, sending this DM to see if you can bring my copy of National Treasure 2 to the rink. Thanks Buddy!

Turds! Double Turds!

Nobody liked Slappy at the Christmas party but then Jumbo makes a commercial with him and all of a sudden it’s hilarious?

Should I take a walk on the wild side and add dried fruit to my oatmeal?

I’ll be on “Dancing With The Stars” next week. Second row, gray t-shirt, look for me!

Waiting in line at the mall to see the Easter Bunny, I bet my kids will be so jealous!

The bumpers on this bowling lane are broken L At least I got to wear the shoes.

My friend Joe scored a goal last night. Fun!

Joe Thornton reads Playboy for the articles.

What is this “Jumbo Slide?”

Coach Murray wouldn’t shake hands… So I high-fived myself instead.

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