Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dear RINANJ (Reason I Need A New Job) -

Every day I can stand you less and less. Each day I seethe more and more. Every day I respect you less and less. You are the reason, you are the why.... I need to find another job.

Yes, it's true you gave me a job last summer after not being employed for almost two years. For that I am grateful. But? The low pay, that I agreed to, has taken its toll. I can't stand when you come in to the office. Your micro-managing, manipulative, greedy style is to much to bear. I can't stand your whiny, baby-like voice when you are happy about something and are trying to get the whole department happy about it too. We don't honestly care whether or not you got a big check in the mail, over the wire or directly deposited into the bank. We don't see any of that money... so why should we give a crap about it?

I hate how you think everyone is out to get the company, out to cheat you or out to steal from you. And that is just the attitude about the employees! Each employee is thought of as a gypsy and each one of them is out to get you. Do you know what that paranoia gets you? A hostile work environment. You make your salaried employees use a timekeeping system where they have to clock in and out each day. Really? Do you know how ridiculous that is? Some of them put in 10-12 hour days. Oh, but when they leave early one day or come in late one day? "Personal time, No PAY for them." Seriously? They put in a 50 hour work week (only get paid for 40) and then deduct hours from their pay for missing an hour? Here is the thing. A salaried employee gets his/her salary whether they worked over their scheduled hours or under. Simple. You don't pay for vacation time, sick time is 5 days per year? You've GOT to be kidding me. You have no competitive benefit package to work here. Some of your employees deserve much more. I fantasize about moving to another company or starting my own company just so I could take all your worthy employees away and pay them double what you are "paying" them. They could have medical and dental, 401K, life insurance, vacation (PTO). You know, the normal benefits that one expects when working in this valley.

Oh, and I love how everyone that isn't related to the family... gets such a low salary, irreverent of their education or experience. It is disgusting really. You will continue to have high turnover (which ends up costing you revenue in the long run) and low quality candidates walking in your door. But keep it up, because after all, doesn't it make the bottom line look better? Speaking of which. The way you handled your independent audit was quite frankly, an embarrassment. I was so ashamed to be associated with you and this company when that audit team was here. What makes you so ABOVE them? Is it because you are 3 times their age? Is it because they are Asian? They have a job to do and it isn't up to you to tell them what they need, don't need or how fast they should get things done. And, what was up with banning the rest of the employees from coming into our work area? Do you really think someone was going to randomly see something sitting out on a desk and magically know all the company secrets? That was so... well, wrong, for lack of a better word. And? I really RESENTED it when you told me EVERY MORNING to send out a spark reminding all employees to not come into the accounting area. Talk about HUMILIATING.

Your vitriol toward the franchisees is even worse and even more blatantly obvious. They are your best friends when they have a check in their hands... but the minute the money is gone or late they are Liars, Bad Franchisees or Someone that you have to Fight with, Yell at or Threaten to not send THEIR COMMISSION CHECK. Really? Can you do that? Is that even legal? Not that you care or know the difference. They bought a business from you. They are entitled to get their moneys worth... which includes all services promised in training. You should try and remember that.

Your business practices are questionable, your accounting methods are laughable and your management style is reprehensible. Your mantra is that something is only wrong if it was a mistake made by someone else. Because you NEVER make mistakes. Jeff NEVER make mistakes and Dana NEVER makes mistakes. If something is wrong it has to be one of your lowly employees. I love it when you do make a mistake though, it totally makes my day to see you try to stutter and sweat your way around it. But we both know the truth... don't we? Bitch.

The worse thing. The absolute worse thing is how you handled that perceived "attitude toward our raises" issue a few months back. First of all, paying someone $17 and hour who has had over 10 years experience in the field and often trains you on your own accounting software, is, well Bullshit. So please, please, for the love of God don't tell that person that you are "satisfied" with where there salary is at and then proceed to look at them as if they should not only agree, but be grateful as well. I almost lost it that day. I just about walked out. So when a few days later a meeting is called to discuss the attitude surrounding our raises? I seriously contemplated homicide. You were such a chicken shit whore that you have to go to your son to handle your business? Really? That was the day I lost all respect for you.

This company is the shining example of hypocrisy. You don't have the budget. That's one of your catch phrases, right? Yet you all have the top of the line computers and equipment at your beck and call. Your money is spent on executive salaries, marketing bullshit and state of the art (for executives only) office equipment. You pay your fucking bitch-ass niece, who can't even spell or edit the company newsletter how much? Yeah, we saw her salary. She makes $10 more and hour than the rest of us. Yet? She never shows up, when she does, she parades around the place like she owns it, looks down her nose at anyone that dares to get in her "space" and takes up office space that should deservedly go to one of your veteran sales people.

Well, I've been typing long enough... I'm sure there is a lot more to say, but I will just leave it at that. I can't stand you, I wish I didn't have to see you every day and you are a Bitch - Whore. I am trying every day to get out of here. I can just taste the day when I get to tell you off.


A very disgruntled employee

PS - Do Not Even Think About Condescending To Me. Ever. Ever Again.

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