Monday, April 18, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the UGLY

First the good...

Alex's soccer team (PAC Tigres 94)won the U16 Boys State Cup Championship on Saturday. They played Santa Clara Sporting which had several players that Alex knows, goes to school with and/or has played with in the past. It was a very good and disciplined game (for the most part, considering I thought it might get out of hand with some of the hostilities between these two teams). The final score was 2-0. Alex made some fantastic saves to keep them in the game. Now they will prepare for Regionals which will take place in June in Boise, Idaho. Good luck guys!
And next the Bad, which was also the Ugly. The really, really UGLY.

The Sharks got stomped by the L.A. Kings on Saturday night. At home. In HP Pavilion. 4-0 (yes, that's right) In Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Their penalty kill is absolutely killing me (and all other Sharks fans) AND unfortunately NOT the penalties. Ugh!

So, the series is tied up at 1 game a piece. Sharks head down to L.A. for games 3 and 4 on Tuesday and Thursday before heading back to HP on Saturday for game 5. Let's go Sharks! Get that ugly out of your game and start playing like champions.

NHL playoff summary to date

Western Conference:
Sharks (2) v. Kings (7) - Series tied 1-1
Canucks (1) v. Chicago (8) - Canucks lead series 3-0
Predators (5) v. Ducks (4) - Preds lead series 2-1
Red Wings (3) v. Phoenix (6) - Red Wings lead series 2-0

Eastern Conference:
Capitals (1) v. NYR (8) - Caps lead series 2-1
Flyers (2) v. Sabres (7) - Series tied 1-1
Boston (3) v. Montreal (6) - Montreal lead series 2-0
Penguins (4) v. Tampa Bay (5) - Series tied 1-1

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