Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharks Take Game 4

Lead the series over L.A. 3-1

I wasn't sure what to expect after the mind blowing turn of events that took place Tuesday night, but was definitely pleased witht the end result. One more win on the books and one more to go to clinch the series. The game started out tight with no one scoring in the first period. Nemo looked solid, as did Quick for L.A. as both faced 5 on 3 penalty kills in the period.

In the second period during a 4 on 4 the Sharks were able to knock in two and they were on their way. They would make it 3-0 before letting the Kings join the party, just to make things interesting, I guess. Joe Thornton would seal the deal in the third when he scored the 4th goal and blew kisses to someone in the L.A. crowd. There are two solid rumors as to whom his affection was directed to. One was that it was toward some Sharks' fans he spotted in the crowd and the other is that it was for Brodie Brazil. There is a video on Youtube that shows it being for Brodie... but I can't tell if it is real or not. It probably is.

The Sharks would score two more goals, but Thornton's was the game winner with the final score being 6-3. There was some whining from Andy Murray (King's coach) after the game. He was upset, of all things, over a dumb penalty by Heatly that was taken in the last minutes (way after the game was out of reach). He ranted about how it should have been a misconduct and how dangerous it was... blah, blah, blah. Um? Did you see your player (the captain Dustin Brown, no less) spear Joe Thornton, on purpose, in the chest with his stick? You didn't? You sure? Cuz, it was right in front of your bench and, fortunately, right in front of the referee. Why does the man cry about dirty plays when his team is guilty of the same B.S.? Kills me. He reminds me of soccer and hockey moms who think their kids are beyond reproach and everyone elses kids are "dirty little players." LOL!

Anyway, Clowe leads all Sharks with 4 post-season goals. The man is a beast and he is ready for anything. I believe he is single-handedly bringing the heart & soul to each one of these playoff games. One more note from the virtual world today... someone started #marleautweets on Twitter today. They kept popping up from some of the people I follow and are pretty funny. I'll have to post some later on.

Around the league... Detroit has swept their series over Phoenix. Chicago has come back after being down 3-0 to Vancouver to being within only one game at 3-2. Vancouver dropping two in a row by 5 goals in each game. Ducks and Preds are all tied up at 2 games. Game 5 is on now. Preds up by 1 in the first period. If Sharks win the series over L.A. They would play either Chicago (if Chicago comes all the way back and beats Vancouver) or Detroit.

Oh, and by the way... Tickets for game 5! We're going! Well Jacob and I... Alex is going to his Prom.

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