Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Blurbs

1. How many blurbs can a Babaloo blog if a Babaloo could blog blurbs? I have been saving that for two days. Thank you very much and, you're welcome.

2. I had an interview yesterday with SVSE. Sharks! OMG, can you imagine me working for the Sharks? Opportunity of a lifetime. Dream Job. They are looking to fill two accounting positions. *pick me* *pick me* *pick me* *fingers crossed*

3. Speaking of Sharks. The playoffs start tonight! This year's mental health strategy? Be cautiously optimistic. Don't get to high... don't get to low. I know, I know. I say that now, but what happens when they are up 3 games to 0 or down by a few games in the series? Ugh, back to square one, complete meltdown. But the first game is not until tonight, so until then let me enjoy the fantasy that I will be completely calm during the whole process. Thank you. I appreciate that.

4. The doctor's office called and after further lab tests it turns out that Alex did have some kind of infection. They are prescribing him some antibiotics so hopefully he can get over this thing a little faster now.

5. We need a new couch, like yesterday. We need a whole living room set. I'm hoping with the tax refund and the installment we'll be getting from selling the business we can do that soon. The big couch now has two gaping holes which the dog has been digging out the stuffing. The love seat has been shot for a while (and needs to be shot, if only to put it, and us, out of its misery). So... furniture shopping!

6. Oh, but wait. The dryer has been squeaking and making noises lately. Crap.

7. I am secretly plotting a night to myself on Saturday . Juan will be working and Alex has plans to spend the night at his cousin's. What to do with Jacob? Hmm... What to do with the house to myself? Well, Sharks of course. But maybe some movies? Some wine? Maybe catch up on what's on the DVR? Who knows! Just the idea brings a smile to my face.

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