Saturday, March 18, 2006

100 (or so) Things:

1) I turn 40 this year (July 2006)
2) I am a Leo
3) I am married (14 years)
4) I have 4 kids - a (step)son 24, a (step) daughter 18, a son 10, and a son 7.
5) My step kids were 10 and 4 when I married their dad and lived with us ever since.
6) My 24 year old (step) son is planning to move out soon (he is actually looking at apartments and filling out rental applications- yay! I love him, but he needs to go!
7) My (step) daughter moved out when she was 15 and got married when she was 16.
8) I grew up in Northern California
9) I grew up watching (and loving) baseball and football.
10) Now I follow hockey (nhl) and soccer (mls). I can't stand baseball anymore although I do tolerate some football now and then.
11) I (and my kids) are HUGE Sharks fans
12) My husband works (bartending) at the "Shark Tank" (HP Pavillion) for all their home games
13) We loved the Earthquakes (MLS Soccer), but unfortunately they moved to Houston, and we are without a professional team. My kids (especially the 7 year old) were devestated when this happened. My 7 year-old hates anything to do with Houston, Texas. Hopefully this is just a phase because Houston is a wonderful city as are its residents.
14) He (7 year-old) heard on the news that Houston was flooded during one of the hurricanes and was sure that the Earthquakes could not move to a city that was flooded. When I told him it wouldn't be flooded during soccer season he was devestated all over again.
15) We attended almost every Earthquakes home game in their 2005 season.
16) My son cried when they lost to L.A. in the playoffs. I had to carry him all the way to our car.
17) My sons both play youth soccer.
18) My (step) son played youth hockey when he was younger. He was quite good.
19) My husband helps coach my 10 year-old's team. They play Class 1 competitive soccer.
20) I help coach my 7 year-old's team. He plays in a recreational league.
21) We have a dog named Nico. He is just over a year old, weighs about 15 lbs and is all white with a brown spot and brown markings on his face. He has a pink nose with freckles. He is a Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix.
22) My husband pretends not to like him but is known to take him for late night walks and feed him little scraps of food when no one is looking.
23) We have a neighbor dog about the same size and age as Nico who thinks he is our dog. He escapes his yard and comes to our house every chance he gets. Nico and the neighbor dog have been known to run off together and turn up miles away from our home. Together they are "doggie drama."
24) I was an athlete in High School. I played basketball and softball.
25) I have struggled most of my life with weight issues.
26) Although much more under control the last 10 years or so, food continues to be a huge weakness and my "drug" of choice.
27) I am never going to be a skinny toothpick and that is okay. I could never say this 10 - 15 years ago!
28) I have one sibling ( brother). He is a good person and is a good uncle to my kids. We are not that close.
29) My dad lives in Arizona. My mom passed away (Cancer) just over a year ago (December 2004)
30) This past October (2005) would have been their 40th wedding anniversary.
31) My dad is 20 years older than my mom. My mom was (only) 62 when she died.
32) My mom worked out at the gym 3-5 times a week up until a few months before she died.
33) I was sitting by her side when she took her last breath.
34) I didn't cry (really all out blubber cry) until the following June when I realized she wouldn't be calling to wish my son a happy birthday. I was in my car on the way to work. I had to pull over.
35) My dad still says "we love you," when he ends a phone conversation.
36) There is the same age difference between me and my (step) son (16 years) as there is between him and my youngest son.
37) When my (step) son teases me about being "old," I remind him that he isn't to far behind me. He really trips out about that.
38) My youngest son got it in his head that I turned 40 last year and proceeds to tell everyone that his mom is 40. He even writes me notes telling me that I'm 40. I told him he's not my favorite anymore (kidding!).
39) He must be getting be back for when I used to pretend not to know how to spell his name. I would spell out his name using the letters in his brother's name, but pronounce it as his name. He would get so mad!
40) How much longer to 100?
41) I love to read and watch movies
42) My husband teases me about how absorbed into a movie I become when watching. He is not much of a movie person. He usually falls asleep during a movie (even at the theatre).
43) I read for fun, so the authors I really like are Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, John Grisham and Sue Grafton.
44) I like mostly classic rock music. Almost anything from the 70's. I was really into the Beatles in High School. Some of the more current music I listen to is Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5 and I can't remember what else. Music is not a huge part of my life.
45) I have a Boom-Boom room
46) I drive an SUV (oh, you knew? What tipped you off?)
47) I hate cleaning. Or rather I hate giving up the time that cleaning entails. I hate the anticipation of cleaning and knowing I will have to take away time from doing something I actually like. I do not like living in a dirty or messy house so cleaning is basically a love/hate relationship.
48) I don't really like cooking. I do it out of necessity and sometimes it is fun and things turn out good and the family likes it and I get nice compliments, but other times I just don't have a lot of time and it becomes a real burden.
49) I definitely procrastinate
50) I also am capable of being extremely organized.
51) I guess I am an organized procrastinator...
52) I make lots of lists. Mostly at work. I make a work checklist, a home checklist, a workout / nutrition checklist, a grocery list, a menu list, a kids' schedule list.
53) I often forget these lists at work and have to start them again from scratch.
54) When the procastinator personality takes over the lists are forgotton and replaced with veging out in front of the t.v.
55) When the "full of energy and organized" personality takes over, every item on the list is checked and a new list is made
56) I eat every 2 hours
57) I work out at leasat 3 times a week, unless I don't (see #54)
58) I have a treadmill that I utilize frequently (see # 57), unless I don't (see #54)
59) I love to bike ride. We have great hills nearby for biking
60) I started taking my 10 year-old with me bike riding last summer to help build up his legs for soccer. He is great company and a good sport.
61) I have acknowledged (and accepted) that he will be taller than me ( I am 5' 6") between the ages of 11-12.
62) His feet are already bigger than mine and I wear a size 9.
63) I cried when he turned 10.
64) He is very kind, generous and has a very outgoing personality. He is well-liked in school
65) He has extreme, actual physical growing pains. He gets nausea, headaches and a fever for a 3-8 hour period, and the next day he (or part of him, i.e. his feet) has grown.
66) When he starts to get sick I pretend to be mad at him and tell him to stop growing.
67) I met my husband when we worked together in the same restaurant
68) I was the one to ask him out!
69) He is the hardest working person I know.
70) For some reason he loves me and for that I will never leave him.
71) I love to body surf and boogie board
72) I bought myself and my two younger kids new boogie boards last year. They think it is a blast.
73) My 7 year-old is very cautious and safe in the ocean.
74) My 10 year-old is more of thrill seeker and takes to many risks in the ocean.
75) I love taking pictures and think digital photography is the most wonderful advance in technology known to man.
76) I wish I had more time to spend with my digital camera and photoshop software.
77) I have no musical or artistic talent what-so-ever. I can't sing or draw to save my life.
78) Unfortunately, I think this has passed down to my biological kids.
79) My (step) son on the other hand can draw a lot of things well, unfortunately it is not one of his passions.
80) I love coffee (French Roast, Black) / (n/f latte) / (white chocolate mocha- yum)
81) I love diet coke
82) I love chocolate
83) Something I haven't done but hope to do soon is go wine tasting. I grew up and have lived in California all my life and have never gone wine tasting. Sad. This will have to change.
84) Our (kids and I) favorite t.v. show to watch together is Monk. This show is hysterical on so many levels. Well mostly it makes fun of phobias, but still hilarious!
85) Our favorite episode is "Mr. Monk and the kid." Monk calls 911 to change a baby's diaper.
86) I watch CSI (Las Vegas - I tried watching the "Miami" one and couldn't believe it was cut from the same cloth. Las Vegas is so much better), Law & Order (CI and SVU, don't like the other ones), Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Friends, Will & Grace.
87) On some of my proctrasination inspired t.v. marathons I end up watching some of the MTv and VH1 reality shows. They just suck you in.
88) I used to watch General Hospital in my younger years. My mom let me cut school to watch Luke and Laura's wedding!
89) I miss my friends
90) 5 years ago my 100 (or so) Things list would have been 90% negative
91) There is too much testosterone in my house and I am way outnumbered
92) I can see ebay from my office window
93) There is only one other woman in my office (I am way outnumbered at work too)
94) I write poetry. No one has ever read one of my poems.
95) There was a tragic and brutal murder in my neighborhood last fall (2005). Two little girls and their pregnant mother were stabbed by the boyfriend (father of the children). I wrote a poem and left it anonymously along with two teddy bears and flowers.
96) I don't know what made me think of that.
97) I have discovered new anxieties I never knew I had.
98) I have discovered I am much stronger than I ever knew I was
99) I know that I can edit this list when ever I want!
100) I'm having anxiety over how to end this list... (oh, that wasn't to hard!)

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