Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day In The Life

A day in the life…

4:40 am – hubby rolls out of bed
4:55 am- hubby gets in the shower
5:20 am – hubby kisses me goodbye, leaves for work
5:22 am – Buzz climbs in bed, puts his little arm around me.
5:22:10 am- Nico jumps on bed, falls asleep next to my feet
6:00 am – alarm 1 goes off (just in case this one time I might actually get up and workout, umm, still waiting for that)
6:00:10 am – I hit SNOOZE
6:09 am – alarm goes back on, I turn it OFF
7:00 am – alarm 2 goes off, I push SNOOZE
7:09 am – alarm goes off, begrudgingly get up.
7:10 am – brush teeth
7:12 am – put on robe, sandals and go out to kitchen
7:13 am – turn on coffee, let dog out
7:15 am – rinse remaining dishes, put in dishwasher, put soap in dishwasher
7:20 am – feed dog, pour first cup of coffee, aaah, morning is getting better already.
7:21 am – dog ignores food, goes back to bed with Woody.
7:22 am – get in shower
7:32 am - get out of shower,
7:33 am – wake up Woody & Nico (who acts like he hasn’t already been up and been outside to do his business), Buzz is already up and eating breakfast at the table.
7:34 am – shout out daily announcements, time warnings and final offer to use my bathroom before I close my door to get dressed
7:35 am- #91 gets in the bathroom & locks the door.
7:36 am- make the bed
7:38 am – put on make up
7:45 am – Woody knocks on door, had ignored previous offer to use my bathroom, now has to go and can’t use his because #91 is showering.
7:55 am – still need to blow-dry and curl hair, yell for Buzz to come and brush his teeth.
8:04 am – Buzz comes to brush teeth, but hasn’t put his shoes or sweatshirt yet.
8:07 am – Buzz comes to brush his teeth. We have argument over doing his hair (he insists on wearing a beanie, I say no. I win)
8:10 am – final scramble to get out of house, poor last cup of coffee, close all bedroom doors (to prevent doggie damage) and turn off coffee pot.
8:15 am – drop kids at school just as bell rings.
8:18 am – wait for red light to make a right turn because asshole people park in the turning lane and I can’t squeeze around other cars waiting to turn left.
8:34 am – finally make it to the freeway. Realize I forgot to turn on the dishwasher, Damn!
8:54 am – pull into parking lot
8:57 am – make it into office, turn on lights, heater and computer. Check voice mail and open e-mail
9:00 am – make oatmeal and tea.
9:03 am – eat oatmeal, read e-mail.
9:30 am –make to-do list
9:45 am – work
10:57 am – call from hubby
11:03 am – bathroom break
11:05 am – look at blogs, pretend to work
11:20 am – have snack
11:25 am – work
12:24 pm – boss walks by to get lunch from kitchen
12:25 pm – look at clock – yay it’s almost 1:00!
1:00 – yay, time to have lunch!
1:01 – go pee first
1:04 – read cooking instructions on frozen lunch entrée. Cook time 13 minutes! FUCK!
1:17 – microwave goes off.
1:18 – Damn, its hot! Get Diet Coke and 13 minute entrée, (which I’ll never buy again) bring to office.
1:20 – Read more blogs, write an entry in mine, blow on 13 minute entrée which is still hot, sip Diet Coke
2:00 – work
2:14 – answer call from someone asking to speak with a software manager. Google name of company caller says he’s from, find out he is a recruiter. Get back on phone, tell caller no one is available and offer to take a message. Caller says “no” and that he’ll call back. Hang up and say “can’t wait” under my breath.
2:17 – bathroom break
3:00 – Huh? I have no idea what happened during this time… it … is… all … kind of … a… blur. But, only 2 (okay 1 hour 40 minutes) until I can go home! Yay!!
3:05 – Hubby calls. He will be bringing the kids by around 4:30. It is time for my snack, but I decide to wait until I am a little bit hungrier… Huh? Who are you and what have you done with my real self?
3:10 – Check out Drudge, Michelle Malkin & Lucianne (pretend to work when co-workers walk by)
3:15 – chat with Super Engineer Gal (I think we had a conversation once where she told me she hates the word “gal” – but that is what she is and she’s the only “gal engineer” at our company, so hopefully she never reads this blog and finds out I called her one) who updates me on her sister’s adoption story.
3:23 – check hubby’s e-mail to see if there is any “soccer team drama” going on today.
4:25 – again, last hour a blur… waiting for hubby or Buzz to call and tell me that they are close by
4:26 – get call from Buzz, he’s trying to break his speed calling record again so I don’t get to say anything… i.e. I answer “hello” He says “mommy-we’re-around-the-corner-can-you-meet-us-downstairs-bye-love-you-bye.” Click. I think his current record is 16 seconds, which includes the time it takes me to answer.
4:31 – The kids are in my office, they want to see the Sharks replays (online) from last night’s (non-televised) game. I update them on all the standings and playoff race.
4:50 – we head home
5:23 – we get home
5:25 – I let the dog out
5:36 – I start dinner and attempt to get all homework on the table so it can be finished and corrected by yours truly.
5:46 – I feed the dog
6:07 – The table follies have reached their peek, It isn’t funny anymore, they need to settle down and finish their homework. It is so much easier saying it and writing it then it is to actually get it done. The problem is that they are so damn hilarious that I keep laughing which makes it okay for them to keep messing around. AAAAHHHH!
6:20 – I separate laundry in the garage and start load #1
6:38 – we eat dinner.
6:43 - #91 comes home
6:48 – #91 asks for a light bulb (we are still eating dinner). I tell him I’ll give him one if he changes the one outside the front door. He asks if he can do it tomorrow, I say yes and he can have a light bulb tomorrow too (yeah, this sounds pretty bitchy, but I have been speaking #91’s language for 14 years and when he says he’ll do something tomorrow it means he will never do it even if you remind him 200 times). He asks for a flashlight, I tell him it is in my car. He isn’t registering what I’m telling him and ends up asking 6 more times for the flashlight while he roams around the house looking for it.
6:51 – It registers with him that the flashlight is in my car. He asks for the keys. The kids think our “bantering” is entertaining and treat it like dinner theatre, only they are too busy laughing and forget about the eating part.
6:55 - #91 gets the light post thingy open and comes in triumphantly shaking the metal tubing thing that secures the bottom. A dead moth gets flung in Buzz’s dinner. This only adds to the hysterics.
6:59 - #91 successfully changed the outside light bulb and begins playing “catch the light” with the dog and the flashlight. More dinner theatre, more hysterics, more “not” eating.
7:12 - Woody finishes dinner first ( I was done at 6:45). I tell him to go get in the shower. He reminds me that it is Buzz’s turn to take first shower. Curses!! I tell him to finish his homework, he says he did and that he is waiting for me to correct it.
7:20 – I finish correcting Woody’s homework, get him started on the corrections. Buzz barely finishes his dinner.
7:22 – I tell Buzz to go get in the shower. He disappears.
7:30 – Woody finishes correcting his homework. I yell to Buzz to get in the shower. He comes out and says he can’t because #91 is in the bathroom. Curses!!
7:35 – I take the clothes out of the washer, put into the dryer and start load #2. Buzz and Woody play Lacrosse in the garage until #91 gets out of the bathroom.
7:45 – I do the dinner dishes and sit down to read a book.
7:52 – I hear screaming from the garage, realize neither kid has taken a shower.
8:03 – Buzz (finally) gets in the shower, where he sings “We will Rock you,” and does Sharks hockey play by play announcing. “SHAAAAARKS on the Power Play, neh-neh, neh-neh…(musical score from Jaws). It is hilarious. One of these days I’m going to have to record it for when he is older.
8:20 – Buzz gets out of shower.
8:40 – Woody gets in shower.
9:06 – It is 6 minutes past bed-time. I attempt to get kids rounded up, teeth brushed, clothes picked up, towels hung up, shoes put away so they can get to bed. It takes several attempts. I fear their childhood memories will be clouded with all these “nagging mommy” moments that we seem to share every night. Sigh.
9:23 – final hugs, kisses, “I love you’s” and “good night’s” are exchanged. I am exhausted.
9:25 – I brush my teeth and wash my face.
9:30 – I put on some pajamas and crawl into bed with my book.
10:06 – My eyes won’t stay open, I turn out the light and go to sleep.
11:15- Hubby comes home, starts talking to me.
11:19 – I am conscious to the fact that he is talking to me and try to illicit some kind of response. I think it was something like “hrmph lenn …” but I’m not really sure.
11:23 – Hubby, still trying to talk to me, comes closer and sits down next to me on the bed. He says “Do you want to have another baby?” I’m wide awake now (WTF?) and thinking of a million responses to that question, but realize that 999,999 of them are insults or contain bad words so I sort of raise my eye brow and say “nooo?” in a question like manner. He says, “well, what if I do?” I just really don’t know what to say to him at this point. We’ve had this conversation over the years since Buzz was born and I thought we pretty much agreed that we were done. Of course I left the door open by saying that if we won the lottery we could have another baby because then I would be able to stay home full time. So I asked him, “did we win the lottery?” he just laughed and told me to go back to sleep.
11:31 – Hubby turns out the light and crawls into bed. I put my arm around him and we fall asleep.

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