Monday, March 13, 2006

Lazy weekend and Kharma

Hey. What's up. What a lazy weekend. I don't even feel guilty though because the weather was so ugly. Nasty even. I feel bad for the dog on days like that. Poor guy. Probably why he ran off this morning. I found him, luckily, happy as a clam cruising the streets. The kids were upset (that we didn't find him before they had to go to school), but they will be so happy when they get home from school and he jumps all over them the minute they walk in the door. We have to get the fence fixed. Going to buy the supplies at OSH was one of the errands I blew off yesterday in favor of my tv marathon. I did end up finishing the laundry (just haven't folded it yet!). Oh, and I did get some of the garage sorted. I have one corner that has stuff to give away. One corner of stuff to keep and another corner with stuff still left to sort. That is mostly paperwork. I brought some of it to work to do there. I might has well spend some time being productive instead of just making lists of things I'm going to do when I get home! The whole "C" issue seems to have blown over, although I am still pissed about it. I have to come up with a strategy with the other parents. I want to be honest but without bad-mouthing the C's. I have to just relay the facts, answer questions and let them make up their own minds. The C's are completely in the wrong. They crossed the line by not declaring their intentions sooner. That's the sore point with me (and J too). Just the fact that they could have let the coaches know they were trying out for other teams so we could have had the opportunity to plan for one more open roster spot . Something. They show up to the first practice and then announce the next day (3 weeks before the season starts) that they are leaving. And don't even tell the truth as to why? Talk about a blow. On top of that is the possibility they tried to talk other players' (J or I?) parents into leaving also? Wow. That's an agenda rooted in a thirst for anihilation. That would indicate they just wanted blood. That they truly wanted to make a statement and leave the rest of us just devesated. I truly don't want to think them capable, but this knawing at the pit of my stomach tells me there some really strong undercurrents going on. Where did this come from? Because their kid didn't play the position he wanted? That is just evil. I think it is much more basic. What I have always felt from them is that they look down on everyone. They feel like their son is better and his needs far outweigh those of any other kid on the team. They want their son to be on the best team, the one with "right" reputation. It is ironic that it was our team and coaching that built their son into the player he is now. His maturity and attitude were pitiful when they first brought him. He came to us after being turned down from the other team, who happen to be our arch rivals. Now he has advanced in his skills and he is too good for us. Classic. What does that teach him? This is the parent in me thinking and makes me furious! That you don't have to work for what you want, you sacrifice others to get what you want. You use and abuse. You whine, bribe, kick, cry and stomp in a spoiled rage. When you don't get what you want you leave. No sense of brotherhood with his teammates that my son has. My son doesn't play the position he wants either. But, when we explain the alternative of going to another team with an oportunity to play a different position, he says "no way." How does this kid have no team loyalty? I know this sounds awful and petty, but I seriously hope they fall flat on their ass. I wish every success for R, I really do. But I hope that this team turns out to be a real "development" team and that they don't have the support that R needs (like he does on our team) from other players and they realize their mistake. Seriously, I don't think this team is what they think it is. It is a brand new team that the club just put together after the old team left their club to form another team. They have no (or two at the most) returning players from their league championship team. These are all new kids. They aren't even playing in the top division. I wonder if they know that? We are moving up to the top division. We will be playing most of the season with only 11 kids. Wow. They cut us deep. Deeper if they would have taken 1 or 2 with them. As a strong believer in Kharma, I know that what goes around comes around. I am just sorry that a young person is being educated in this fashion and will have to suffer his parents' sins.

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