Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh, the agony!

Can I cry now, or do I have to wait until I get home? My stomach is killing me. Omigod, just stop. Good lord. Make it stop, please. I had to remind myself to eat this morning. What is that about? I never have to do that. Never. I have to remind myself not to eat, sure all the time, but, ugh... this is pure agony. I hate this. I wish I could go to sleep and make all this go away. I felt this coming on. I even wore my "big" pants just for the strethiness and extra room they provide for this bloat squared I'm experiencing. This is crazy and now it is almost time to eat again. I feel hungry but I also feel so much discomfort that it outweighs the hunger pangs. I'm going to have to walk around or do something. I'm starting to fall asleep sitting up.

Okay, well some of the edge has worn off. Maybe because I got something warm in my stomach (vegtable lasagne, yum). Even if the weather isn't cooperating, spring is definitely here. The weekends are fillng up with activities. This weekend we have two soccer scrimmages, a birthday party and the Sharks play back to back (again, this time on the road). I talked over with the kids last night during dinner (trying to come up with good psuedonyms for them instead of their innitials... I'm down to either "Buzz" and "Woody" or "Pooh" and "Tigger") Anyway, I wanted them to think of an activity or class they would be interested in outside of sports. Buzz (7 year-old) right away said piano. How cool was that! Woody (10 year-old) had a harder time thinking of something because his whole life revolves around sports, which was kind of the reason I came up with the idea. At first he said "ballet." I thought he was not being serious, so I told him, "you know, those guys who do ballet are really strong." To which he said, "what, don't you think I am strong enough to do ballet?" Which made me think maybe he wasn't really joking. He did see the Nutcracker in December with his class. Is ballet sports related? It is physical, but it is a form of art, not a sport right? I just want them to be exposed to different things. At home its all about sports. Soccer, hockey, football, now lacrosse (huh?). I mean I love sports, my favorite thing to do is go to the Sharks' game with the kids, but I feel like I'm doing a great disservice by not exposing them to differnt things. How are they supposed to hold a conversation later in life if all they know are hockey stats? We'll see how this works out. It is going to have to be up to me to find the time to fit something else into our schedules, but I think that this is definitely worth it.

Oh, and I guess Buzz and Woody it is. My husband can be Pooh Bear. Hee Hee.

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