Monday, March 27, 2006

The light and dark side of a beautiful day

We finally got a break and had an absolutely gorgeous Sunday. It is expected to rain today, tomorrow and Wednesday so I'll just have to live vicariously through memories of Sunday. I took the kids for a long walk with the dog. I got them just before they settled into a lazy morning of tv and video games. I figured the earlier I got them the less resistance there would be. I was right, of course. There was reasonable resistance and even an argument over who got to ride the "new" scooter, but even that wasn't going to stop me. We went up all the way next to the high school where there is a little (man-made) lake next to the housing development. It is so pretty up there, you can see the whole city. They had a good time. When we got home I made them lunch and then bathed the dog. Woody had a soccer scrimmage at 3:30 and the weather held even through that. Unfortunately the Saturday scrimmage had to be cancelled because of a light rain that closed the fields. Their season starts next Saturday... I hope they are ready. It was so nice just sitting there and being comfortable. 90% of the time I am either too cold or too hot, but yesterday was perfect. The boys look good. Most of the teams we are playing are playing at the top level they can play, but our boys are maybe around 70% with noticeable improvement every week. The new trainer has really made a difference and I can't wait to see them mid-season, I think some teams are going to be surprised. Anyway, the season ahead always looks bright right before it starts, so lets just hope it turns out to be great for them!!

On another note. RK got served with divorce papers when he got home after the scrimmage. Doesn't that suck? He called J, and J went over there to his house. She took the kids out of town so she wouldn't be there when he got served. I feel bad for him. He really doesn't deserve all the drama and all the shit that she puts him through. In the end, I think, he will be better off, but unfortunately there will be a lot of unpleasantness and crap he'll have to muck through first. We (J and I) saw this coming, he is so unhappy ( in his married & home life), but that must have been so painful to be there all alone and with one ring of the doorbell have your whole life turn upside down. I can't even imagine or even find the right words. Bitch comes to mind, but even that seems a bit tame. Sigh. When J came home and told me what was going down, he was definitely appreciating me. I know I was appreciating him. I bitch and moan sometimes about stupid things (in our marriage), but I will never leave him. Never. There is to much good and too much respect (not to mention love) between the two of us. If we were ever going to grow apart or want different things, it would have happend before now. Things are not perfect. I could do so many things to make it better. He has seen me at my worst, I've seen him at his. Bottom line is that he loves me and makes a point to tell me everyday. Maybe it doesn't seem like a lot, but it is more than a lot of people have and I would be pretty messed up not to cherish it.

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