Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is it Spring yet?

Okay, I know I say this every year, but I am so ready for this weather to be over. Yeah it is nice to sit around and have a lazy weekend because the weather is uninviting. Yes the (very low elevation) mountains look beautiful with snow on them, but enough is enough. My kids are losing sweater after sweater, beanie after beanie. If they come home today without their jackets... I don't know what I'll do. I do know that when they go to school in shorts and t-shirts, no items of clothing ever get lost. Yeah, imagine that. Then there is the commute. Why do people drive so badly in the rain? I mean we all have to get somewhere, why is your somewhere more important than mine? I've thought about printing bumper stickers and actually following certain drivers to their destination and sticking them on their cars. They would have sayings like:
"Driver has entitlement issues"
"I was seen driving like an idiot today,"
"I cause road rage"
"There is no excuse I'm just stupid."
"My 5-year old drives better than me."
Of course my biggest pet peeve is probably to long winded for an actual bumper sticker, but I will think of some way to make it fit just to be able to put this on someone's car:

"I was seen passing a line of cars waiting to exit the freeway and cutting in front of them at the last second because, darn it, I am too good and self-important to wait in line like amongst the regular people."

Besides bad driving and lost articles of clothing, the dog is going stir crazy. He is so picky about his bathroom habits and is very distressed that the rain has wiped out his "area." There is no grass out in the yard because we ripped it out before the last storm to get it ready for the new grass. Now it is just dirt and mud and "Mr. Picky" just refuses to poop anywhere except on the grass. He pooped in the garage because (obviously, didn't you know?) carpet is the next best thing to grass, but he learned that we don't all agree on that point and that we didn't appreciate his ingenuity. So he decided to just hold it. He holds it in for days at a time. It is hysterical. After about 3 days he finally pooped on the dirt but he was staring at me the whole time giving me the evil eye. He also doesn' t like to go out to pee when its raining and just holds that in too. I let him out last night (after it finally stopped raining for about 5 minutes) and watched him pee for literally 3 minutes strait without stopping. I wish I had a stop watch. How big can a 15 lb. dog's bladder be? He just loves to be outside. We love to take him on walks to the park and around the neighborhood, but this weather is just killing him. My right arm for spring. Please, I'm begging you.

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