Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Reflection of Love (poem)

In honor of "J's" birthday today I am posting a poem I wrote for him a few years ago. We have been married (almost) 14 years and I love him more today than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow...

A Reflection of Love

Every day you touch me
In some profound way
Every day I see something new
That I wouldn't have seen alone
Your love is like a presence
One that lives within
I feel it
I sense it
A reflection into myself

A kind word
A gentle hand
Soft lips
Can't express to those
Untouched by love

When we are apart
You are with me
Engrained in my senses
The background to my thoughts
I converse with you in my mind
Imagining what you might say

Your spirit sings to mine
A song all its own
My heart is open to the world
For all to see where it belongs
Your love sees me through
The lowest moments that I feel
When my strength is none
And my will is gone
Yours is there to carry on

Surrounding us is chaos
I rush to join in
I hear you calling me back
Whispers in the dark
There to keep me sane

Your love is a blessing
That God has given me
I am forever humbled
To have your eyes to see

Never question
Never falter
Your belief in me
Look into my reflection
Look at what I see

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